Looking fashionable and attractive for most women is an important thing. Not only for travelling or going to parties, but when going to the office, women must pay attention to their appearance. And wearing a bracelet or bangle with your outfit is a valuable choice because it allows you to sublimate your wrist and your outfit. 

But do you know which bracelet or bangle model to turn to? It is not easy to decide the question faced with a multitude of choices. So here we will make your choice a little easier and provide you with some bangles and bracelets which you can wear to your office. So, let’s get straight into the world of Tarinika Bangles and Bracelets.

1. Delicate Serenity CZ Bangles

The first and foremost thing when choosing a bangle or bracelet to wear to the office is that they should have minimalist designs. Such bangles look elegant and go with any dress you wear. Delicate Serenity CZ Bangles by Tarinika with glistening round CZ stones is a wonderful option for those who want to try minimalist design bangles.

2. Jalaja Single Lotus Pearl Bracelet

Simple and sober bangles or bracelets always go with the formal office look. A simple thin bracelet with a single motif can be best suited for such an occasion, and the Jalaja Single Lotus Pearl Bracelet from Taranika gives you a perfect combo of simple design and elegance with its thin outlet. As the name suggests it has a Lotus motif with a pearl which makes it look very delicate and chic.

3. Glittering Simple Baguette CZ Bracelet

A little sparkling bracelet or bangle on the wrist is the best choice to go with the office look. The glittering Baguette CZ bracelet by Taranika has a beautiful pattern with round stones which gives it a perfect and classy look. 

4. Blossom Delicate CZ Bangles

The next set of bangles that you can wear in the office is the Blossom Delicate CZ bangles. These gold-plated bangles are full of colour and bling. The bangle is thin with CZ stones embedded in a square shape. Its unique pattern of design and a little shine makes it more attractive. 

5. Twisted Delicate CZ Bracelet

The twisted Delicate CZ bracelet is another type of gold-plated bracelet that one can wear to the office with elegance. It has a very minimal but classy design which is best for everyday use. This bracelet is great for anyone looking to add a subtle touch of beauty to their look. The colourful stone studded in between provides a luxurious look that will enhance your whole look of the office.

6. Ray Antique Bangles

Another classy choice for office wear bangles is the Ray Antique Bangles by Tarinika. It has an antique floral design with a lot of details but a simple appearance. It can be paired best with the formal dress of the office. Someone who likes antique design with simplicity can definitely go for such type of bangles.

7. Aliz Kundan Bangles

Last but not least on the list of bangles or bracelets to wear to the office is this classic ALiz Kundan Bangles. The beautiful design and perfectly embedded silver stones make the bangle shiny yet elegant. With the perfect design, it is one of the best bangles to have in your Indian jewellery collection

These are some of the basic bangles and bracelets from Tarinika which will give a perfect look to your wrist in the office with their minimal approach, the essence of elegance, a little glitter and lots of comforts.