Termites are a sneaky little pest that invades your home through the foundation. Depending on the region, the termites will either make a nest in the soil surrounding your home, damp wood in the foundation of your home, or the dry wood found within your home’s walls. If found, you will notice that these unseen invaders are white to light brown and smaller than ⅛ inch long. If you are unlucky enough to find one of these insects, you will need to seek termite control in Norfolk, Virginia.

Termite Preferences

These insects consume dead plant materials. This includes fallen leaves, trees, and firewood, and the lumber used to build your home. Termites can not tell the difference between wood, so they will devour any wood they can get to. They prefer moist and humid environments, where wood meets the soil. Unfortunately, this means that residents of Norfolk, Virginia, and regions with similar environments are more likely to incur a termite infestation.

Why Termites are a Big Problem

Termites can become a very big problem if the infestation goes unnoticed long enough. After just a couple of months, these insects can chew away at major components of your home causing expensive property damage that is not covered by the majority of home insurance policies. That is why termite inspections are required in many states for VA and FHA home loans.

At best, these insects will simply damage the wood around entry doors and windows. At worst, they will damage vital pieces to your home’s structure and foundation. These types of damages are very expensive as repairs are incredibly complicated and intricate.

Termite Control in Norfolk, VA

Out of all fifty U.S states, there is only one with no known termite infestations. That state is Alaska. In addition to that state, there are eight others where the risk of termites is fairly low. Unfortunately, 80% of U.S states have a moderate to high risk of homeowners contracting termites.

Termite control in Norfolk is a necessity as with the rest of the state and every state south of it. These regions are incredibly humid and their proximity to the ocean and level of rainfall means that they are also very moist. Termite control treatments typically average about $500 per year. Eradicating termites from a property can cost up to $2500 and that does not include the cost of repairs. These pests cause extensive and expensive damage that often requires repairs to maintain the integrity of your home’s structure.

Finding Pest Services

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