Creating a stunning Instagram feed with stunning visuals helps graphic designers to attract more likes, comments, and follower engagement. Then, visuals on IG do not mean taking endless selfies and posting them on this photo-sharing social media site. You may not have the best marketing skills as a designer but will need to highlight your creative work to create a blossoming community of followers and improve your personal branding.

According to IncrediTools, Instagram is a platform that will benefit graphic design professionals provided they know how to make the best use of this social media site. Highlight your sophisticated logo design, web design, illustrations, and other creatives to build a robust online portfolio. You need to make the best use of IG tools and resources and professionally present your work.

According to an article published on, for attracting more clients to IG profile, create the best bio with anappropriate profile image. The profile picture is the first component that becomes visible on Instagram when you have a new IG account.  The Instagram bio lets your followers know who you are and what you do. You also need to keep your bio within 150 characters, make it interesting, and therefore, use your words carefully. Read on to learn about the three steps to create an attractive Instagram feed in 2021.

1. Think of creative ways to ensure follower engagement

Building follower engagement through stellar Instagram content is the best way to attract more eyeballs to your graphic design work and promote your brand. Here are some ways to do it:

Write smart captions: Catchy IG captions helps in piquing audience interest. The best way to do it is by asking some questions in the captions section. You can also add some humor by adding some fun trivia about your creative designs. It would make your followers involved. Read the comments made by followers to understand them and reply accordingly.

Repost inspiring content: When yourepost interesting content, it shows that you value other people’s creative work that inspires the Instagram audience. Take your time when you design content for IG and then post. Do not rush into the process. Embrace the best aesthetics and etiquettes by giving image credit and seeking permissions when reposting some content of others.

Focus on giveaways and contests: Mollycoddle your followers by running contests or creating giveaways on Instagram. Everyone likes prizes and free stuff. The giveaway need not be expensive but a signed coffee mug that you have designed and things like that.    

2. Reap the benefits out of videos on IG TV

If you would like to buy 50 likes Instagram or more, post videos on IG TV. The feature was introduced back in 2018 to let you share more videos with your followers. Make the most of lengthy videos to unleash your creativity and offer value to your targeted audience.

You can use videos on IG TV for sorts of content to build engagement and connection with your targeted audience. For example, you start with a vlog, thus highlighting your work methodology. You can also create a webinar to educate aspiring graphic designers and sharing some of the skills to create stunning book covers, illustrations, and logos.

Increase follower views by promoting the videos on your IF feed and sharing previews of a minute or so. The previews will show as standard posts on your IG feed together with a small icon of IG TV. Try these little ideas and you will benefit from the same.

3. Include loads of call-to-actions

Did you know that Instagram provides you with multiple options to include call-to-action (CTA) to your IG account? Make the most out of these promotional aspects to improve your content visibility and build engagement in less time.

Besides integrating the URL to your portfolio website in the bio section of Instagram, add CTAs in the caption section. You may invite users to visit your IG profile, visit your portfolio site, read your graphic design blogs, or vote for the designs your followers have liked. You need to write a lucid, succinct, and convincing copy for your CTAs.

Instagram rewards people who have more than 10k followers by letting them use the swipe up option on their stories. It helps to send your followers to a particular page you would like them to visit.

You can even integrate Action buttons to the bio if you have a graphic design agency or business. It signifies that apart from the Message and Following buttons that users see on your IG account, they will see the Action button that you select. You can also include other buttons like email address and contact.


These are some of the essential steps to create an alluring Instagram feed to display your graphic design work. Instagram is huge with loads of features, filters, and tools. Make the most of these resources to take your graphic design business to the next level through Instagram marketing.