To smoke shisha, you need several things. If you have never set up a shisha before, it may be wise to read this blog carefully before doing so for the first time. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice to set up your shisha efficiently. In this blog, we will first describe the materials you need to light your shisha. After that, we will briefly explain how to set your shisha up. 

Shisha materials that you need

A shisha consists of different materials, but besides those parts of your shisha, there are also other important materials that you need to smoke shisha. The shisha consists of a vase, a shaft, a tobacco bowl, and one or more hoses through which to smoke. It is essential that all of these parts are present on your hookah, or it will not work properly. Are these parts, or one of them, broken? Then you can often get the individual parts repaired or repurchased at stores like Hookah shop Amy Deluxe. If the shisha is very old and already fairly worn out, you can also choose to buy a new shisha.

What else you need to smoke a water pipe

Apart from the fixed parts of the shisha, it is important that you have some other things around the house as well. For example, you will need aluminum foil to seal the tobacco bowl with. You can then place the carbons for smoking the shisha on the tobacco bowl covered with aluminum foil. In addition, you need tobacco or steam stones to smoke the hookah with. This creates the smoke that is released when smoking the hookah. With tobacco, you create a neutral tobacco flavor when smoking, while steam stones are available in a variety of flavors. Steam stones are pebbles that you can place in the tobacco bowl of your shisha, creating an extra special smoking experience with special flavors. Steam stones are available in different flavors such as fruit flavors but also sweeter flavors such as honey or belgian waffle. 

Now that you have the materials, how do you set up the shisha?

Preparing the shisha sometimes takes a little practice. Believe us, once you have done this a few times it is very easy. The first thing you do is heat up the coals. Because this takes a while, it is important to do this first, so you can prepare the rest of the shisha in the meantime. Make sure the coals are all well warmed up. You can tell the coals are ready when they turn red/gray. Meanwhile, fill the vase with lukewarm water about halfway up the vase. The vase doesn’t have to be completely full because then you won’t be able to smoke properly. Connect the shaft to the vase and attach the tobacco head to the shaft. Then, attach one or more hoses to the hookah. You then fill the tobacco bowl with tobacco or smoking stones and seal it with aluminum foil. On top of the tobacco bowl with aluminum foil, you put the coals. After this is done, you can start smoking. When you start smoking, you need to inhale a few times in short succession so that you turn on the shisha. Then finally, enjoy!