Gemstones have been becoming an important part of our lives for decades. They are available in different designs, colors, and shapes, based on their origin and composition. Along with phenomenal physical features, gemstones are said to have miraculous powers. And this concoction of combining spirituality with physical attributes tends to make this a trend for millennials and jewelry freaks around the globe. With the growing demand, they have opted for them as the style statement for special occasions and events. Colorful jewelry enthuses women and provides them with ample options to experiment and play with the beauty of semi-precious gemstone jewelry.

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And in this article, we will be focusing on the best five stones you can wear every day.

Larimar Jewelry – The Power of Larimar Gemstone

For centuries, larimar has been worn to glorify the personality with allure and healing. The soothing watery look is enough to catch the gaze of jewelry enthusiasts. The serenity of water and the sky’s hue make larimar the epitome of perfection in blue that displays the alluring whites. The importance of the Caribbean and the great production of the Dominican make it a unique stone. This stone is undoubtedly rare, thus takes plenty of time to be reborn.

The timeless appeal of larimar jewelry provides wisdom and healing powers of the ocean to stabilize the body, spirits, and soul by addressing pain as well. This pectolite wonder is found only in the Dominican Republic and comes in deep blue, green, and white blue shades. When it comes to the jewelry combination, then bluish tone holds the prominence compared to white ones. The smooth texture and silky appearance make it a highly preferable gem amongst fashion eyes.

Opal Jewelry – The Adorable Creation of Opal

The color play, flashes, and ancestral belief made it a strong gemstone for jewelry lovers. A pure symbol of hope and fertility, opal is a mystical creation. The hardness of opal jewelry stands on 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which is desirable for special wear but not significantly for everyday affairs. This stone simply differs in opaqueness, translucence, and transparency with water hydration. The silica presence justifies the opal color, thus providing it the beautiful hues ranging from purple, green, yellow, pink, orange, black, and blue.

Adding on, the colorless and white varieties embarks on the demand for opals. The amount of fire helps an individual analyze the quality and originality of this gem. The play of jewelry becomes more interesting after combining it with sterling silver and even rose gold at times.

Moonstone Jewelry – A Gemstone Which Has The Power of Moon

The glowing attribute and blue sheen of the moonstone are two of the remarkable factors to judge the quality of this stone. This feldspar variety is a mixture of orthoclase ad albite, which ensure the milky appearance. Moreover, one can’t unsee the power of adularescence in differentiating its light reflection from various angles of stone. Well, the blue shine in colorless forms is known as the most valuable stone for your wholesale moonstone jewelry collection. But still, other tone varieties look equally beautiful, like green, brown, yellow, peach, white, and grey.

The captivating glow of moonbeams touches the heart with its strong energies. This official gem of Florida is the pure blessing for June babies and ensures fortune and luck when worn on a continuous basis. As a matter of fact, the demand for this stone increases day by day, with many countries producing this stone. Some of them are Australia, Madagascar, India, America, Germany, Mexico, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and brazil.

Turquoise Jewelry – The Beauty of Turquoise Gemstone

This December birthstone catches the eyes for good in its opaque blue-green shade. The word Turkish evokes the interest towards this stone before its characteristics and spiritual benefit. Basically, this french word, Turquoise, gives it a unique yet colorful identity. Despite having ample production in countries like Iran, Egypt, and the USA are highly indulged in the sourcing of Turquoise. The finer versions of turquoise jewelry range up to six on the Mohs scale, which is durable for accessories combinations.

The waxy, subvitreous luster of this stone makes it a preferable gem worldwide. Indeed, this stone is sacred in many cultures due to its extraordinary formation. Even this gem is linked with the third eye chakra, heart, and throat to eliminate negativity and promote positivity against externalities.

Moldavite Jewelry – A Gemstone With The Natural Beauty

This transformative stone is recognized for having an unfathomable forest green shade. This rare creation is eccentric and beautiful in every stance of its being. Moreover, the unique formation is another talked-about aspect of moldavite jewelry. The cosmic energies and power of combining in 925 sterling silver make it an attractive stone for your wholesale gemstone jewelry. The presence of bubbles, waves, and fibers helps one judge the authenticity and makes moldavite soulful for every jewelry admirer.

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