Burt Young’s career left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry. From being nominated for a Academy Award to portraying characters in multiple dimensions to his tragic death, which left a gap that is impossible to fill. This article will take you on a journey through the career and life this incredible artist.

The man behind Paulie Pennino HTML0

Burt Young was best known for his iconic role as Paulie from the “Rocky’ franchise. Paulie is a character introduced in 1976’s “Rocky” who has a sarcastic, angry personality and treats his sister Adrian harshly. Young’s portrayal as Paulie changed over the course of the series, just like any gem with multiple faces. Young’s wide range of acting was evident in the evolution of this short character who appeared to be middle-aged.

A Legacy Beyond ‘Rocky’

Young’s filmography is diverse, and includes roles both in television and films. Young was able to stand his ground in films like “Chinatown” or “Once Upon a Time in America”. Young’s versatility is unmatched. Whether he was portraying a distraught fishing in “Chinatown”, or a character in an epic gangster film with Robert De Niro. In comedic roles such as “Back to School”, and in intense dramas like “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, Young’s performance range was showcased.

A Star on the Television Horizon

Burt Young was not just a brilliant actor on the big screen. His television roles, such as his memorable role in the “Sopranos”, helped to further cement his reputation as a versatile actress. Young’s portrayal of Bobby Baccalieri Sr. as an old mobster left an indelible impression, showing that he was able to captivate audiences even with brief appearances. Young’s television legacy is just as impressive as his film legacy. From “M*A*S*H”, to “Miami Vice”, he has starred in some of the most iconic shows.

The Marine Boxer and Artist

Young was born in Queens, New York. His journey to Hollywood fame was anything but normal. He served in the Marine Corps before deciding to enter the acting world. He also tried professional boxing and worked as a rug layer. His diverse experiences gave him a unique perspective on his roles, adding authenticity. His dedication to his craft was also evident in the rigorous training he received at the Actors Studio, under the guidance and direction of the legendary Lee Strasberg. Young also pursued painting to show his passion and versatility for different art forms.

Personal Life and Legacy

Young suffered personal tragedies behind the stardom curtain, including the death of his wife Gloria in 1974. He remained committed to art and his family all his life, but his legacy is not only his iconic roles, but also his passion for different forms of artistic expression. His legacy is not only a collection of iconic roles, but also perseverance, transformation and an undying devotion to artistic pursuit.

Burt Young’s journey from Queens, New York to Hollywood is a testament of talent and dedication. His fans will mourn his passing, but his legacy in entertainment is sure to live on. We’ll remember him for his roles, big and small, that showed how easily he combined strength with vulnerability, comedy with seriousness, real life with art. Rest in peace, Burt Young, your legacy lives in us all.


1. Who was Burt Young?
Burt Young, an Oscar-nominated actress best known for his role as Paulie Pennino from the “Rocky’ movies.

2. When did Burt Young pass away?
Burt Young died on 8 October in Los Angeles, at the age 83.

3. What was Burt Young most iconic role?
Young’s most famous role was Paulie Pennino in “Rocky”, the film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone.

4. What other roles did Burt Young play?
Young has appeared in TV shows and films such as “The Sopranos” and “Chinatown”. He also worked with directors who are well-known.

5. Did Burt Young engage in other artistic pursuits?
Burt Young, in addition to acting, was also a painter, which led to exhibitions and sales.