Few stories in the NFL shine brighter and more sincerely than that of Derek Carr’s wife Heather. Their journey, from college days of playful banter, to navigating the turbulent world of professional sport together, exemplifies love, faith and resilience. Explore the rich tapestry that is their lives and discover what makes them a dynamic couple both on and off-field.

Derek & Heather’s College Days

Derek Carr’s education at California State University Fresno was much more than a mere educational experience. Heather Neel was the place where Derek Carr’s destiny became intertwined. Heather Neel was on her own path while Derek was following his brother David in football. Heather worked as a server and completed her studies.

The two met at a steakhouse by chance. It’s the stuff of romantic comedies. Derek’s playful comment about Heather’s earring not only showed his playful side, but it also set the tone of their relationship, which was filled with humor and spontaneity. Derek’s conviction to marry Heather early on speaks volumes about him — a man with a strong heart who is not afraid to follow his feelings.

Derek Carr’s wife

Derek and Heather began their journey as a couple in June 2012. Their bond has only grown stronger as they celebrate ten years together. Heather’s social media posts about their anniversary give a glimpse of their lives, showing their challenges and joyous moments.

How many children does Derek Carr have?

The Carrs are blessed with four children. Their home is filled with joy and laughter. There are also some challenges that come with having a baby. Dallas, Deker Deakon and Brooklyn all bring a unique charm to their family. Dallas’s health scare early on and his subsequent recovery has not only made him into a symbol for hope, but also highlighted Derek and Heather’s partnership. The strength of their partnership is evident in their united front, even during difficult times.

Faith is Their Guide

Their unwavering Christian belief is the foundation of their relationship. Heather’s ability to help Derek return to his values after a period where he had strayed highlights the importance of having a partner that helps you stay true. Their shared spiritual beliefs not only strengthened their relationship but also gave them a compass for navigating life’s challenges.

Navigating NFL: Challenges & Triumphs

Professional sports are as rewarding as they are unpredictable. Derek’s journey has been an emotional roller coaster. His resilience is commendable, whether it’s the highs and lows of his career as a quarterback or the setbacks he has experienced. Heather’s contribution to this journey is not understated. Heather’s unwavering encouragement, support and understanding have helped Derek stay grounded.

Derek’s move from the Raiders team to the New Orleans Saints is more than a simple professional decision. The couple’s respect for each other and their shared decisions was highlighted. Heather’s reaction to Derek being treated badly by the Raiders shows their shared experience and their interconnected lives.

The DC4KIDS Touchdown Challenge

The greatest acts of generosity are often inspired by trials. Their harrowing experiences with Dallas’s health scare inspired them to start their DC4KIDS touchdown challenge. The DC4KIDS Touchdown Challenge is a testament to the Carrs’ commitment to give back to the community, and to turn personal challenges into an opportunity to make a change.

Derek and Heather Carr’s story is more than just that of an NFL player and his wife: It’s an inspirational testimony of love and partnership, resilience and faith. It shows us how strength can be found in working together towards a common goal.


  1. Derek Carr’s wife is?
    Heather Neel Carr, Derek Carr’s spouse; they were married in June 2012
  2. How did Derek meet Heather?
    Heather worked at a restaurant Derek visited while they were both attending Fresno State.
  3. How old are they?
    Derek and Heather Carr are parents to four children, three sons and a daughter.
  4. Heather Carr attended college?
    Heather did attend California State University in Fresno where she met Derek.
  5. Are Derek and Heather involved with charity work?
    They created the DC4KIDS touchdown challenge to support Valley Children’s Healthcare Foundation.