Chiropractic treatment is a process where a trained chiropractor utilizes their hands or, with the help of a tool, applies sudden but controlled pressure to your spinal joint. The strategy aims to provide improvement to the mobility of your spine and physical body. Spinal manipulation is an alternative name for the procedure.

Why do you need chiropractic adjustment?

Chiropractic care helps individuals suffering from lower back pain, spondylitis and headaches commonly. The procedure applies manipulation on the vertebrae that suffer from abnormal mobility or cannot function in normal circumstances. However, the process is conducted by a skilled professional. Through chiropractic adjustment, patients can relieve themselves from subluxation and increase their motion range. They also enjoy a reduction in nerve irritability and improved function.

It is Auckland chiropractic mission to maximize health potential for everyone, regardless of their age, in every way possible.

The procedure

In a typical chiropractic adjustment procedure, the chiropractor needs you to withhold certain positions to heal particularly affected areas. Commonly, patients must lie down facing downwards on a customised chiropractic padded table. The treatment provider uses either their hands or tools for sudden but controlled pressure, which gets pushed beyond a general motion range. You are likely to hear cracking or popping sounds as the professional treat your joints throughout the procedure.

The specifications of the procedure include

• The tool used by the chiropractor is a small lever arm with a high-velocity thrust towards the vertebrae

• You may hear a sound; it emphasises gas release, including carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.

• The entire procedure would primarily provide a feeling of relief, but sometimes minor discomfort can occur, which is usually harmless.

It is also fundamental to list out that the gas release may not be audible at the time. You might hear a cracking sound. It is so because chiropractic treatment may result in muscle splinting or not providing adequate relaxation. During such conditions, a chiropractor may apply ice or suggest rest as well as electrical stimulation.

What to expect?

Your Ventura chiropractor will discuss your past medical history and conduct some physical tests with a specific focus on your spine for your first visit. Some chiropractors may also suggest other tests or examinations, including X-rays, Sonography and more.


Although it is rare for chiropractic care to have any side effects, however, in the rarest of rare cases, specific individuals may face minimal side effects for a certain period after receiving chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustment side effects may involve fatigue, pain in different body parts that have undergone treatment, headaches, and dizziness. However, if you do it under trained professionals, you might not face these issues.

End Results

Chiropractic care is highly productive for lower back pain treatments. Research shows that chiropractic adjustments have shown modest benefits, similar to the results of other conventional healing procedures. A few studies also demonstrate that chiropractic care effectively treats constant headaches and other spine and neck pain issues.

Consult your medical healthcare provider and discuss your issues with a professional, experienced chiropractor for best results. You can visit Active Edge chiropractic Columbusfor treatment tapered to your needs.