For almost every document that we make, there is always the need to share them with your colleagues, teachers, and whoever is relevant to your work. Such is indeed the case when making projects, proposals, and invitations for collaboration. You can attach them to your messages, emails, and through various communication and file-sharing tools.

As advanced technology as it can be, there are still some limitations that exist in this regard. One of the most common issues that people face when attaching their files is the size restriction. It turns out that the emails and other devices to share documents can only manage so much. Hence, many are stuck in this step. 

You should not imitate them! These issues are relatively manageable to solve. Here’s how you can share your files in the easiest way possible, and a brief discussion on the other benefits you can gain by doing so.

Compress your PDFs with GogoPDF

It is common etiquette when sending attachments to make the documents easy to view and have small file sizes. There would be no surprise at all if you were to use PDF files since documents in this file format fit the description. Focusing on this format, your files’ sizes significantly decrease when you compress PDF. This makes them easier to share.

Of course, you might be skeptical whether your files would degrade in terms of quality. With the right tool on hand, there is nothing to worry about! An excellent tool that you can use to ensure lossless PDF compression is GogoPDF’s Compress PDF. It is an online web service that can do the compression in as efficient a manner as possible. Below are the steps regarding the use of this excellent PDF compressor.

  1. Once you are on its website, select and upload your PDF from your storage space to the tool.
  2. GogoPDF will begin the compression process automatically.
  3. All you have to do is to wait!
  4. Download your newly compressed PDF, and start sharing them.

100% free to use!

One popular concern that you might raise is whether you have to pay for something to use the tool. GogoPDF’s Compress PDF doesn’t require its users to spend any amount. In comparison, you might be able to find some software applications that require a paid subscription. You might gain some other functionalities, but if your main goal is PDF compression, rest assured that GogoPDF’s powerful tool can do it.

Excellent security

Security issues are something that all people are wary of. Indeed, one criterion you should set is the security and safety of a particular tool before using it. This tool of GogoPDF utilizes above-standard encryption techniques, so rest assured that no one else gets unauthorized access to your PDF files. Moreover, every file you upload to the tool will be used only for the intended purpose.

Outstanding platform compatibility

You can access this powerful web service on any device. It does not matter if you are using Mac, PC, or Linux. It is also accessible from your mobile devices, tablets, and things similar to them. Such a case is made possible with its universal platform compatibility. All you have to do is go online, visit its website, and carry on with the PDF compression. It is undoubtedly handy, isn’t it?

Reduce risks of file corruption with compressed PDFs

There’s a high risk of file corruption when uploading and downloading files. This statement particularly holds for huge ones. Often, there are connection timeouts and errors which result in damaged files. You can expect that you might have to repeat many times just to get a workable copy. Such a situation doesn’t only cause delays but eats bandwidth too.

You can reduce this risk by working with compressed PDF files. As said above, you are effectively reducing their file sizes, so they would be much more manageable to upload and download. There’s no need to spend so much time and effort unnecessarily. Without the possible delays when attaching your compressed PDF documents to your emails, you can see a boost in your productivity.

Less expense

Storage space comes for a certain price. For instance, you might have to pay some bucks to expand your online storage. Another scenario is that you might buy extra hard drives to store your data. These add up to your expenses, which might be more or less beneficial for you. Recall that the reason why you’re buying this extra storage is the contents.

You can save money on them by using compressed PDFs. They would take less space and wouldn’t hinder you from using the extra storage for other purposes. Moreover, it would be much easier to back them up with their relatively smaller file sizes. Indeed, there’s no need to buy extra storage when you can efficiently maximize your original one, is there?

Smooth collaboration

As mentioned above, your files would be much easier to upload and download not only for you but also for your recipient. This situation would result in a smoother collaboration without a doubt. Let’s factor in the fact that PDFs are viewable without any kind of unique software application. Even the web browser is capable of functioning as a PDF reader.

With that, your recipient can easily download your compressed PDF file, view it with their PDF reader, and provide feedback. This process would be much faster than before as they are dealing with smaller files. Consequently, you can amend those parts that need edits included in your recipient’s feedback. With such a smoother flow of collaboration, you can achieve improvement in your progress pace.


File compression has a lot more uses than meets the eye. It doesn’t only reduce the file size of your PDFs. What it does is make them easier to share, more manageable to archive, and handier to upload and download! You can even attain a smoother workflow with your collaborator with compressed PDFs. Visit GogoPDF’s Compress PDF now, and have an easier time sharing your files.