Big trucks and cranes can be daunting to drive, especially if you’re driving in an unfamiliar area. The size of these large vehicles can make it hard to judge how fast they’re going and how quickly they can move into your lane, and their drivers may not always be able to see you or immediately notice your presence on the road. 

That’s why safety should always be your top concern when driving these heavy vehicles. Below are 5 safety tips for driving big trucks and cranes. 

1. Stay Alert at all Times

Stay alert at all times when driving around big trucks. It’s not just about staying out of the way, but it’s also about staying safe. Remember to always obey traffic laws, never drive a truck in a no-passing zone, or make a left turn in front of other vehicles. 

If you’re forced to stop next to another vehicle, take an extra moment to make sure your vehicle is completely stopped before opening the door. Also, make sure to adjust your truck seats and keep them in good shape to avoid discomfort during driving. 

2. Keep Your Vehicle Stable

Remember you are driving a heavy vehicle with tons of load and materials in huge amounts. So, there are certain things you should make sure of:

  1. Stay in the right lane. 
  2. Avoid driving up behind a truck or crane. 
  3. When you are following a heavy vehicle, do not overtake it on any road. 
  4. When you are overtaking a heavy vehicle, do not cut in front of it until you are past it. 
  5. Travel less than two seconds between your vehicle and the heavy one. 
  6. Keep at least two car lengths between your vehicle and the other one. 

3. Keep Your Vehicle Regularly Checked

It’s important to keep your heavy vehicle, like a truck or crane, regularly checked. This can be done by getting a routine inspection, which is typically done at least every six months. Routine inspections include: 

  • Inspecting the steering system 
  • Inspecting the brake system 
  • Inspecting the tire condition 
  • Checking the lights and wipers. 

This can help you stay safe when driving big trucks and cranes on main roads.

4. Maintain Space in front of You

When you are driving a truck or a crane on the road, make sure there’s plenty of space in front of you when you drive. If there are cars or other objects in your way, try to avoid driving over any lines that divide the lanes. 

You’ll want to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles as they might not be able to stop quickly if something happens. So, it is always a safe bet to maintain a safe distance in front of you. 

5. Never Double Park

Double parking your truck or crane can cause massive traffic delays, as well as safety hazards. If you need to stop the vehicle, pull into a safe location, turn on your hazard lights, and wait patiently for the road to clear. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times.