Over the past few years, many chain smokers have switched to vapes as they got to know it is a healthier and less smelly way of getting high. Vaping lets people quit cigarettes, which are bad for health, giving an alternative to smoking. The hype is high because of the various potential benefits it provides. After the legalization of medical use of marijuana, the popularity of vaping THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is rising continuously. The primary device is also known as a THC pen, dab pen, vaping device, wax pen, e-hookah, or mod.

The quality of the vaporizer and the liquid you put in can vastly change your vaping experience. Products like Fume extra vape can give you the satisfaction that you need. Therefore, it is better to invest your hard-earned money into something worth it, and vape pens are always a better option for ingesting THC. But what’s the hype all around these pens? Why are people so crazy about purchasing vape pens? We’ll know it all here. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

What Is A THC Vape pen?

Vaping is not a modern process. It started long ago when ancient Egyptians inhaled vapors from hot stones emerging from heated herbs. The stylish Vape pen is a device that burns THC, resulting in vapes instead of smoke, consisting of a battery that is attached to a cartridge filled with e-liquid.

The main parts of a vape pen are the tank or cartridge, which is the container of the cartridge, the atomizer, which is the heating element, and the battery, which powers the vape pen and mouthpiece through which one inhales THC. People see vapes as tiny heaters to heat up and use cannabis concentrates instead of nicotine liquid. THC has psychoactive properties. Hence, users may feel a bit high after intaking it.

What Does Vaping THC Do?

THC vapes heat the liquid or oil in the cartridge that becomes a vapor when the user inhales, like all other vaping devices. So first, you have to grind up your cannabis which makes it easier to get the most out of it. Then, load it into the vape and power it on. Inhale with the mouthpiece and enjoy the delicious flavor of cannabis. Since THC is the constituent in THC Vape pens, it may produce psychoactive effects making you feel high. Since you are vaping THC concentrates, which are potent and excellent for medicinal uses. It takes your stress and anxiety away and gives you a euphoric feeling.

Relief from chronic pain is one of the reasons why people try THC vapes because of their analgesic properties. In addition, it may regulate nausea and vomiting, which is beneficial to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Migraines can be worse sometimes. However, THC gives relief by working on serotonin in the central nervous system. It is also famous for its anti-inflammatory properties and may cure diseases from diabetes and heart disease to disorders like Crohn’s disease.

What is The Hype Around THC Vape pens? What Are The Advantages?

Let us understand the hype around these vape pens.

  1. Vaping May Reduce The Harmful Lung Effects Of Smoking

The substantial risk of smoking is that it causes cancer. Smoking is associated with the inhalation of carcinogens to bronchitis and emphysema. However, a study revealed that people who vape reported fewer respiratory symptoms than those who smoked weed. Users show easier breathing after switching to vapes from smoking. Vapes may be a lot better than smoke or a joint.

  • Vaping Bud Is Safer Than Hash Oil

Many users intake regular buds and heat them to a temperature that releases the active ingredients of the pot. This method prevents combustion. Has oil contains sketchy constituents like lighter fluid and pesticides harmful to the body. Hence, vaping buds are better than hash oil.

  • Delicious Flavor

Vaping secures the taste of individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of the strain more distinctly and efficiently. However, smoking won’t provide you with the same benefits. It obliterates the taste, and you don’t get the original flavors. Hence, vaping produces a more pronounced flavor. THC vapes come in numerous flavors. However, the flavor diminishes towards the end of the sessions.

  • Control Over Temperature

Users enjoy vapes as they provide adjustable heat settings, which give them control over temperature throughout their sessions. Of course, it might take a trial and error method to know the best temperature for vaping. But, after you get an idea, you can experience effects from mellow and uplifting to intense euphoria. It also allows the user to extract the cannabinoids from dry herbs slowly and efficiently.

You can get multiple sessions from a single pack. On top of that, you don’t need an extra heat source. So, you don’t have to face a situation where you have THC but not a lighter! You don’t need a more delicate one, but make sure you charge the device beforehand. It does not produce an odor, and the smells are a lot less than smoke. Though it requires maintenance, you can use it efficiently, and it is worth your investment.

Tolerance And Dependence of THC Vape Pens

THC stays in your body depending on some factors. One is how often you use them, two is your consumption methods, and three is the rate of metabolizing the substance in your body. These factors determine how long THC Vaping oil stays in your body. Users who frequently vape THC oil develop tolerance and create neuroadaptive changes in the brain, increasing the tolerance level. One study revealed that THC was detectable in users’ saliva for 78 hours and urine for five days. However, that was a rare case, and on average, the effects of vaping last for 2-4 hours, varying from person to person.

If you are new to vaping THCs, you can try out single-fill disposable vape pens to understand if you want them for long-term use. However, these disposable pens are expensive as they provide THC oil and the vape battery in one device. Other vape pens weigh 60ml and may last depending on the frequency of the use you draw. However, you have to change the batteries and coils for a better lifespan and replace the constituents simultaneously to ensure greater longevity.


The hype around THC Vape pens revolves around the fact that it is the better alternative for smoking. Though it offers nicotine and a smoking-like experience, users don’t have to face the consequences and the risks of smoking. Mostly there are benefits. However, vaping is still new for us to understand the potential risks.

Furthermore, vapes do not linger too much in the air and leave no after-smell. Thus, it does not harm the people around you like cigarettes. Lastly, the choice and preference are yours.