Horse riding has proven to be rather entertaining and also lucrative sports for racers and regular riders around the world. As much horse riding is fun to watch and experience, the risk for injuries is never far away especially when you do not have the right riding gear for the same. Take your time to shop for the best horse riding gear and while at it do not forget to pick horse riding gloves like roeckl gloves for shielding your hands against different forms of injury and damage it is susceptible to. Before buying horse riding gloves, here is a guide that you can find instrumental to simplify the selection process.


It is normal for your hands to sweat when you are tackling physical activities like horse riding. You must as such pay attention to your sweaty hand and how they affect your quality horse riding sessions. The best breathable gloves are made from cotton, however there are other materials that are used for making horse riding gloves that you can check out including wool and spandex. Research the merits of each of the materials for breathability among other factors before finalizing your choice.

Material used for making it

The best quality materials used for making of horse riding gloves were initially made from leather. New materials are however being explored in the manufacture of horse riding gloves including options like cotton , spandex and even polyester mesh. Each of these materials has unique merits to the horse rider and one has to determine the one that suits their riding style best. Leather is however the most preferred because of how great it adapts into your hands besides its durability benefits. You should however go for cotton made horse riding gloves if you need breathable gloves that will prevent your hands from sweating.

Its features 

Have you assessed the different features availed in the gloves you want to purchase before you make your choice? This means knowing what features to look for in the horse riding gloves of your choice. Start by looking for grip dots on your gloves which help improve your handling of the riding ropes. Make sure they are water proof if you come from rainy areas. You should also know that waterproof gloves are barely breathable and hence uncomfortable to some people. Wrist closure is yet another important feature that helps keep the gloves in place once you have worn them on your hands. Some of the common closure types include Velcro, poppers and Buttons.

Comfort on your hands 

Once you become a horse rider, you need to be fully focused on the horse for a smooth ride. If the gloves of your choice are poorly fitting, it becomes tough to focus on calming and directing the horse. Poorly fitting gloves should be avoided in this cases considering they not only inhibit the flow of blood in your hands but also cause pain that drives joy away from your riding experience. If possible try to test out the gloves on your hand before you purchase. When shopping online, try to get the measurement of your hand right to avoid ordering the wrong-sized gloves.

Durability concerns 

Most durable horse riding gloves have padding in the areas that experience a lot of pressure to improve their longevity. As a horse rider, you appreciate the wear and tear your gloves will be exposed to over time however there is no budget to replacing the gloves frequently. You might just be better off checking out the durable glove options that can withstand the riding pressure without caving in easily. It will always be a cost economic move for enjoying your horse riding sessions without injuring your arms.