Upon hearing of someone’s demise, it is common to offer comfort. It is not always easy to know what to say to someone that you care about who has lost their loved one. It’s natural to try to reach out to lessen their suffering. Sending flowers in the form of an electronic wreath is an expression of being thoughtful and it brings comfort to any sad occasion.

While nothing we say whatsoever can take away that pain of losing a loved one, just letting that person know that you are thinking of them can offer so much-needed comfort. Another great idea to consider is recommending virtual memorabilia in celebration of the life of their lost loved one – click here to explore wonderful options to show homage to the departed.

The color

Before choosing the type of flower you intend to give, you have to consider their different colors and the meaning behind each one. You can either choose a flower color based on your personal preferences or your loved ones’ favorite color. Also, if you are buying the Funeral Flowers prefer the fresh and exotic flowers that make your loved one funeral memorable.

The most common flower color is white. The white flower color represents sympathy. It can also represent innocence and purity, which is appropriate for the loss of a young person. Other colors include red, which represents love and strength; pink flowers symbolize feminity and beauty, making them the perfect gift for those who have lost a wife or a mother.

Blue represents serenity, while purple can be a great way to show that you love and care for the bereaved family.

Type of Flower

You don’t have to be a florist to know what flowers to include in your sympathy arrangement. When buying bereavement flowers, it’s always advisable to choose an arrangement that expresses peace and calmness. Each flower arrangement has its symbolic meaning that adds extra significance to the floral arrangement. 

For instance, if your loved one favored sunflowers or daffodils, be sure to incorporate them in the flower arrangement. This will be a meaningful way to celebrate the departed memory.

The flower arrangement style

Every flower, when well and tastefully arranged, will be appropriate for the funeral service of the departed. Choosing a befitting floral design requires input from all family members and friends. The most common flower arrangements are vases and baskets. These are designed to sit either on the floor or on a tabletop. Other styles include standing sprays. They are mostly displayed on an easel and are typically put near the casket. Standing sprays are of different shapes, sizes, and designs. They are often shaped oval but they may also take the shape of a wreath, heart, or cross.

Culture and Religion

Flowers are deemed an appropriate gesture of sympathy across many religions, but not all. For instance, it is not common to see flowers at a Jewish funeral. It is not customary to bring flowers to a Hindu funeral. It is very important to keep this in mind when preparing arrangements for the departed, whose final wish was to abide by their cultures and specific customs. 


Flowers are a wonderful way to convey what is in your heart. Sending a flower electronic wreath is a wonderful way to let the bereaved know that you are still thinking of them. Even if you send flowers to the service, always consider sending flowers a week or so after the funeral to the family to remind them they are loved.