During the holidays, we love to shoot videos that we will review with nostalgia when we return home. But what to do if it suddenly turns out that the videos take up a lot of space, but you can’t delete them. Learn the best ways to compress videos without quality loss in 2022.

The Concept of Video Compression

In the last ten years, an incredible breakthrough has been made in the field of video technology. Phones and cameras allow you to capture footage in a quality never seen before. But, unfortunately, along with the quality, the amount of space occupied on the hard drive also began to grow. In this regard, there was a need for programs and methods to compress video. In simple words, video compression is a process during which video files are converted in a characteristic way, after which, as a result of this procedure, you get a video that will take up less space on your device. So let’s find out why you should start compressing your videos?

Why Do You Need to Compress Your Video?

With all of us, there was a situation when our computer or phone ran out of space, after which we, with a heavy heart, decided to delete videos that were dear to our memory. If you are familiar with this and you no longer want to free up space on your device in this way, then video compression is the solution for you. For example, by using the online video converter you will be able to compress your video several times. In this way, you can clean up the memory of your computer and improve its performance. In this paragraph, we have collected the main reasons why you should sometimes resort to compressing your video files.

Saving the Memory

This is one of the main benefits of compression. If cleaning your computer from the cache no longer brings the desired result, it may be time for a more effective solution to this issue. Thanks to compression, you will not only free up space on your device, later you will notice how much your device has accelerated. Therefore, if you have a couple of dozen videos from your previous holidays that weigh several tens of gigabytes, it’s time to compress them.

Saving Your Budget

With compression, you can forget about buying extra space in your cloud storage. Check right now how much space your photo gallery takes up on your smartphone, you will be surprised that most of your memory is occupied by videos and photos. Luckily for you, there are many free programs that will allow you to compress your files without any harm to their quality. Thus, you will not only free up space but also save your money.

Improving the Transmissions of Your Files

Let’s say you want to drop your files by mail or upload a video to the Internet. Some sites or Internet resources may have a limit on the size of uploaded files, so you will have to deal with compression sooner or later. In addition, the compressed file will be transmitted on the Internet much faster due to the fact that it will take up less memory.

Types of Video Compression 

Video compression can take place in a variety of ways. Although these methods are quite similar, they have some significant differences that can make a big difference when you decide how you will compress your video file. There are only two ways to compress video: intraframe and interframe compression. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Intraframe Compression 

This type of compression means that each file in your video will be compressed individually. The frame will be similar to what happens when you compress a regular image. So after this type of compression, your video quality may suffer a little.

Interframe Compression 

Unlike the previous compression method, this method involves compressing the entire video. In this way, you will not harm individual frames of your video file, which will preserve the quality. You may ask why not just use the interframe compression? The answer will be quite simple and will be that this method will not free up much memory.

Best Formats of Video for Compression

Today there are a large number of different video formats. Each of these formats has its own characteristics. Unfortunately, not all video formats are suitable for the compression procedure. In this section, we have collected the main formats that you can compress without hesitation.  


One of the most common and used video formats. This video format is known not only for its compatibility with most video players but also for its good compression response. 


Along with MP4, this video format is also one of the most popular. It is widely used on popular streaming sites due to its universal compatibility. And it also lends itself perfectly to compression without loss of quality.

Best Free Programs to Compress Your Video 

There are many free and easy-to-use tools on the Internet today that will allow you to compress your video and more. Here we have compiled a list of the most popular programs for your video compression.


A very handy application that will allow you to compress your videos. This program allows you to work with videos of completely different formats, and besides, it has a free version. In addition, it has an intuitive interface that will allow you to easily get started in it.


This program is a great tool. It has a desktop version so you can easily compress videos right on your computer. A nice bonus is the fact that this application supports the 4K HD format.


A distinctive feature of this program is the fact that you can compress not only video but also audio files in it, which makes this application an indispensable assistant if you are doing video editing.


Video compression is an indispensable tool both in everyday life and in the field of work. Thanks to this procedure, you will not only be able to increase the memory on your devices but also save your finances. Use the compression of your video files wisely and benefit from it.