Does your organization have to deal with collaboration and data management? You might be looking for a tool that provides central access to information. The pandemic has made people habitual to work remotely and difficult to manage data. 

The HR SharePoint is one of the best solutions available in the market. All you need to do is explore its features to get the best benefits for your business. 

Why invest in HR SharePoint? What are the benefits of using the SharePoint HR portal? How to use it effectively? 

We will be walking through the complete guide of using SharePoint HR. 

Let us begin this journey!

What is HR SharePoint?

It is a versatile platform that multiple departments can use and customize as per their requirements. The SharePoint Human Resources management system helps organize personal information, manage employees, update data, and handle all data in a structured format. 

A few benefits of using HR SharePoint are:

  1. Collaboration becomes effortless

HRM software is not limited to the HR department, but it works smoothly inside the whole organization. Collaboration helps to deliver important information in the organization hassle-free. The users with the right permissions can upload, share, and update the data as needed. 

  1. Amazing Storage Space

SharePoint has a built-in feature to manage your data efficiently. It provides great storage for your policies, employee details, and other relevant data for HR. 

  1. Effective personalization 

Your content must be delivered successfully to the right people. Be it employees, recruiters, or managers, they all acquire different information. The HR SharePoint portal provides you with the right solution to personalize the website as per the job roles. 

  1. Ease of Customization 

Every organization runs differently, and HRM has to deal with its effective goals. SharePoint has great solutions to customize the platform based on your employee requirements. 

  1. MS Office Integration 

SharePoint portal can integrate with Microsoft products that are beneficial for HR software. It means the whole process of structuring the data, marking calendar dates, and more will be effortless. 

  1. Ease of Accessibility 

Being a cloud service and centralized system, every user gets to access it from anywhere and at any time. This will increase productivity and provide you with an environment in the organization. 

How to use the SharePoint HR portal for your organization? 

  1. Select proper template 

It is significant to have an appropriate template for your website. SharePoint has a team site and communication site. You will have one-way information sharing on the team site and do not require team collaboration. While in the case of a communication site, it is perfect for human resources management. This is excellent when you want to build amazing visuals for handling data.   

  1. Determine your requirements 

It is vital to know the content you want to share with your audience. Let us look at some sectors that a typical Microsoft SharePoint HR portal can be used for are:

  • Announcements: You might want to introduce new policy updates, new employees, and insurance enrollments. 
  • Events: There might be company holidays, deadlines, birthdays, employee anniversaries, or upcoming occasions
  • External Website: There are requirements for dealing with external parties like bank accounts, retirement plans, or insurance providers.  
  • Knowledge Base: This web page deals with information detailing provided in the HR processes. 
  • Onboarding process: When you hire someone, you will have to deal with documentation and verification processes as an organization. 

Make a decision about what you will need to handle using an online portal to know the right investment place. 

  1. Convert requirements into web parts

The HR requirements will be a part of the functionality in the SharePoint HR portal, so you need to ensure your needs. Some common functionalities that are in demand are:

  • HR Announcements 
  • Events 
  • Company policies, templates, and forms
  • Employees anniversaries and birthdays 
  • External website links 
  • Employee data 
  • HR Knowledge base
  • Onboarding process
  1. Develop SharePoint HR website

Use the above data to create a communication website on SharePoint. Define the proper structure and look of your website as per your organization. You might want to explore and research more in the platform to integrate the best features in your platform.

  1. Maintain a Secure website 

It is crucial to follow the right measures to secure your platform for the employees and organization. You need to provide the right permissions to the user who is part of your SharePoint HR portal. This ensures that there are no data breaches or losses on the website. SharePoint gives you the freedom to provide unique permission to every user. 

  1. Avoid Sharing Data 

Since you are not dealing with the collaboration site of SharePoint, it is advisable to prevent unauthorized access to the users. This helps secure your data from unwanted users and leads to complexity within your organization.

What are the must-haves in the SharePoint HR portal?

Building an HR portal is helpful but might be complicated if you do not follow the right procedures. Even a minor mistake can lead to a big problem if you have a big firm. 

Look at the list to ensure you take care of these:

  • Define the clear job roles and permissions to keep the perfect flow in the online portal 
  • Add interactive features to increase your employee interactions and provide them with the right value
  • Provide everyone with the latest updates and events in the organization 
  • Advertise about vacancies to get genuine employees 
  • Make the environment user-friendly and easy to use for everyone
  • Encourage social times and fun in your organization using the portal 
  • Provide useful services to the employees like insurance, bonus, referrals, and more
  • Keep your policies and procedures clear for the users
  • Add company handbook to avoid any confusion 

End Note!

Having an HR SharePoint portal makes your life simpler. All you require is to research more about the platform. It gives you the most interactive features and functionalities for Human Resource Management. 

We understand that every organization has different requirements, requiring a highly-customized platform. SharePoint has made it simpler. It can be tailored to your requirements and build creative methods to engage employees.