Sports betting has a long legacy since the old Roman and Greek eras, where the audience used to bet on sporting events and gladiator combats. Though the practice hasn’t changed, the product has.

With the growing popularity of Cricket in the Common Wealth countries and across, Online Cricket Betting has grown at a vigorous pace and bounce. Through umpteen platforms and portfolios, Online Cricket Betting has reached its culmination. However, the myths and misconceptions associated with it have increased as well.

Let’s debunk the popular myths about Online Cricket Betting Odds.

Myth # 1 – Match results are pre-fixed.

Throwing tantrums after losing a considerable amount in betting is quite usual. This particular myth has been in the talks for a decade now, accusing the authenticity of betting in general.

It is likely to believe in this myth, after witnessing players influencing the game through spot-fixing in a handful of IPL and international matches. However, it can’t be generalized. The sports fraternity is filled with people of passion and integrity. Just because a few players or boards are accused of spot-fixing, it is not the same for all.

No match result is ever scripted.

Myth # 2 – Sports betting is a crime.

It’s partially true and partially false. Amid all the irregularities in the legal regulations, certain countries openly banned sports betting and many countries didn’t. In countries like India, online sports betting for games like Cricket is not banned and it’s not regulated as well.  

Match fixing, spot fixing, bribing players to influence the results and exploiting those who are involved in the game to decide the result: All these are completely illegal and prohibited.

Understanding the playing conditions, analyzing the performances and speculating on the winner on an open platform like Yolo 247 is not a crime in many countries.

Myth #3 – Profit is based purely on luck.

All consistent profit makers in sports betting don’t depend on luck, but on research. Even luck never favors the brave, as many say, but it favors the prepared mind.

Profit is based on research, analysis, data interpretation, insights, interest, awareness, timing and a bit of luck.

Myth #4 – You can win only if you bet more money.

In the Sports Betting industry, nobody monitors how much one bets. The volume doesn’t matter, whereas the winning does. If you win, you get paid, irrespective of the value you use to bet.

By increasing the value, you get a chance to increase your profit. At the same time, you increase your chance of losing as well.

You can win BIG, if you bet BIG.

It’s not that you can win, ONLY WHEN you bet big.

Myth #5 – You will get cheated on online cricket betting platforms.

This is the most believed myth, which needs more attention. Some of the questions that pop up on the internet in recent times are: Is online betting safe? Are online cricket betting platforms safe?

Choosing the right platform should be the first thing, even before the actual cricket betting research starts.

·       Look for safer platforms with wider transaction options. UPI payment option is a must. Card-related auto-debits can be avoided.

·       Pick a platform that has all varieties of betting, not just Cricket. Because it adds credibility.

·       Choose a platform that has easy access, simple process and seamless navigation. It helps you in mastering the platform at the earliest. Or else, it takes a long time even to understand the platform.  

If it is sorted, you can get rid of any and all untoward circumstances.

Yolo247  has all the characteristics of an authentic Online Betting platform. Bet safer, bet better. Be on top of your betting endeavors.