Are you an influencer? Do you have a business or brand you want to promote? Instagram is the social media platform that you need for this. 

The numbers don’t lie. Data shows that almost 40% of Instagram users go on Instagram several times per day. All this traffic can amount to a large following. 

Your goal is to get more exposure. But what if you don’t have the social media following you need? There are actions you can take to grow your follower count. 

Read this article to learn how to gain followers for your page. 

Go Live on Instagram 

Building a brand isn’t easy, but there are several actions you can take to get more exposure. A great way to gain followers is by going live. 

You have to get out there by putting a face to your brand or business. Live streaming is an excellent way to market yourself or your business. 

Who better than you to get your message out? By doing a live stream, you can interact with your followers. Think about it as a Q&A session. 

Post a Story 

Don’t have time to do ‘lives’? There’s another way you can get your message out. You can post a story on your page. 

This is a great way for small business owners to post daily deals. Instagram is a great tool for small business owners who want to gain more customers. Imagine how many new social media followers you gain who can be future customers. 

You can post a story in the morning and it’ll show up on your page for 24-hours. Your followers can watch it over and over again. The good news is that you can post your story on other platforms so that it can take people to your Instagram page. 

Use the Right Hashtags 

If words are your strength, you can use hashtags. They offer visibility and reach. Make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or business. 

Keep in mind that people will find your post when they search for a phrase. These are all potential new followers. 

Get More Likes

To increase your follower count, you should aim to get more likes. The number of likes you get does matter. Likes are important when it comes to feed ranking. 

Instagram’s algorithms factor in ‘likes’ to determine an account’s visibility and reach. It can be hard to get likes if the algorithms don’t work in your favor. 

There’s a way around this issue. Did you know you can get free Instagram likes? Yes, you can get actual people on Instagram to like your posts. 

What’s better than free? Plus, your videos will get likes and more views. 

Increase Your Social Media Following by Using These Tips

Know that you know how to get followers on Instagram, you can get more exposure. A large social media following can do wonders for your brand or business.

Don’t fall behind! Use these tips to gain more followers

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