Now, cakes have regional tastes and recipes. For instance, egg-less cakes are famous in most parts of India. So, NRI (Non-residential Indian) people living in the USA are often tempted to order their birthday cake online from the USA.

Of course, some of the providers have their bakeries in the USA, and they prepare egg-less cakes or cakes with Indian recipes that Indian people love and distribute across the USA when an order is made from the USA.

Fortunately, modern courier services like FedEx and DHL offer cake delivery from India to the USA within three days. It means it is nice to place an order in advance and at least before three days to get an on-time Birthday cake online from the USA to Cake House in India. Then, within three days, your cake won’t be stale.

Please bear in mind that the courier services don’t accept homemade cakes due to possible contamination and the use of prohibited ingredients. So, I stress making your order to Cake House online.

High-Quality Cakes Online from the USA

I prefer Cake House for such diligent services where you meet competitive rates and guarantee the use of high-quality ingredients in your delicious pinata birthday cake. My criteria for a quality cake extend beyond ingredients.

I often consider its appearance/decoration and satisfy my taste buds.

Finally, I like their delivery services, and let me say something in a detailed way regarding this.

Exceptional Delivery Services for Your Oder of Birthday Cake Online from the USA

Use of Ingredients:

Cake House knows which ingredients are acceptable by the USA Customs authority. So, naturally, they don’t use them while preparing an order from the USA.

Food Safety & Security Standards:

Of course, Cake House always delivers fresh cakes to the customers’ orders from any distant place like the USA.

Moreover, the entire cake preparation process is going on under enough scrutiny to prevent any kind of contamination to the ingredients and prepared foods. Cake House is a certified business from concerned food standard authorities for international transfers.

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Unbeatable Packing and Care:

They pick the right packaging material from Amazon to send cakes to the USA. In addition, they do adequate padding around the sides, top, and bottom.

They bubble wrapped the cake and placed it within a sturdy cake box, mostly from corrugated materials. Next, they fill up the gaps in the box by putting polystyrene chips so minimal movements take place.

The special packaging material has printed instructions to keep it up and provides handles to prevent any damage from keeping an upside down the carriage. Moreover, they wrap the cake tightly using several layers of cling film. It preserves its freshness during long-term traveling.

Cake House Cares Customs Documents and Taxes:

All countries have customs rules and regulations in place. Moreover, they need to produce various documents and fill out different Pro-forma paperwork/forms before shipping anything to that country.

Apart from these, different taxes are levied in other regions or states of the country that you need to know and accomplish before any shipment.

Fortunately, Cake House is aware of such legalities and taxation for the shipment to the USA.