You cannot attend your dear one’s birthday while some might be far away and other times you might be occupied with work. But that doesn’t stop you from sending them lovely birthday cakes to make their day sweeter and more celebratory. With the internet life has become so easy and convenient, you cannot just find some of the best birthday cakes for your dear ones living far away in fact you can also order it online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Cakes are the most important part of a birthday and nowadays there is a trend of cutting more than one cake on a birthday. Moreover, cakes are available in a wide range and so you can really choose from hundreds of cakes.

In fact, you can even customize the cake in the recipient’s favorite flavor. So if you are looking for different birthday cake ideas, you are at the right place as we are here with some of the best birthday cake ideas that will surely send the happiness to your dear ones on their birthday.

1. Hidden Surprise Birthday Cake:

Everyone loves surprises and thus this is one of the best cakes for birthday as well as other occasions. Actually, you can get this cake in the regular flavor you want, just the inside of the cake is made hollow and chocolate treats are filled.

So when one cuts the cake, different candies and treats would flow out of the cake. Thus surprise your dear one with this stunning cake.

2. Fruit Chocolate Cake:

We love chocolate cakes but at the same time, we are also a little bored of typical chocolate cakes. Healthy goes a long way and thus this cake is perfect because this chocolate cake is overloaded with fresh fruits.

The top layer as well as between two cake layers fresh and colorful fruits are spread. Thus the cake looks deliciously beautiful and anyone would be tempted to eat such a fruit chocolate cake.

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3. Rainbow Cake:

Rainbow cakes are trending these days and everyone loves a colorful cake than any regular cake. Here the cake layers are not brown or white depending on the flavor of the cake, they are made in rainbow colors like violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

These layers are topped one over another, so when the cake is cut you can see all the rainbow colors. Thus this cake is a good option for a birthday celebration.

4. Pinata Cake:

This is also one of the highly popular cakes of recent times. There is a shell of chocolate made in whatever shape you like and inside that, you can have a mini cake or chocolates and such treats.

All the birthday person has to do is bash the cake with piñata and break the chocolate outer shell. To their surprise, they will find a lot of chocolate treats and candies inside.

5. Cupcakes Birthday Age Cake:

This is again a fun cake, because using multiple cupcakes a cake is mad. Comprising cupcakes you can make a nice shape cake-like in a circular shape or heart shape or age number of the birthday person.

These cupcakes can be decorated with rainbow sprinkles, chocolates, and so many more such embellishments to make the cake look so pretty. Get 1st birthday cake ideas from our online gift site and have the most memorable birthday celebration for your little one.

6. Chocolate Oreo Cake:

Oreo biscuits are everyone’s favorite from kids to adults and so this chocolate Oreo cake is also going to do wonders. The Oreos are crushed and added to the cake batter so that the cake really tastes like Oreo. Moreover, the cake is also decorated using Oreo biscuits and chocolate drizzle so that it is the perfect Chocolate Oreo Cake for the birthday celebration.

7. Coffee Cake:

For the coffee lovers out there, there is no better option than coffee cake. They would love to have a slight flavor of coffee in everything they eat. This cake not only looks good but also smells amazing just like a cup of coffee.

Mostly these cakes are two-layered which are frosted with coffee butter icing and for extra flavor, one can also cover the top layer of the cake with coffee butter icing. You can also get it personalized in a coffee mug design to make the recipient feel more special.

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8. Butterscotch Cake:

Mouthwatering butterscotch cake is one of the most famous cakes and also very popular amongst many. This cake has a smooth and shiny white top and it can be made attractive with exciting sprinklers on it.

The best part about this cake is that is very moist and delicious and there are many ways to adorn this cake. You can get your birthday cake delivered to your door by ordering it online from our cake shop and celebrating the special day with your loved ones.

9. Red Velvet Snowball Cake:

The red velvet cakes are always so impressive and this looks extra elegant because from inside it is of amazing red maroon color, while on outside it is an elegant white.

The red velvet layers are put on one another applying buttercream frosting and the cake is covered from all sides with coconut cream cheese frosting. Anyone would be mesmerized to have such an amazing cake on their birthday.

10. Cookies and Ice Cream Cake

If you are looking for something unique to treat your dear one for your birthday, then this is the right kind of cake. This cake is a mixture of cookies and ice cream. Here huge cookies are taken and ice cream is spread over a cookie and layered twice to thrice.

So instead of a cake sponge, there is cookie and ice cream instead of frosting. The topmost cookie can be covered with chocolate sauce and chocolate for the perfect birthday cake feeling. Send cake to USA to your friends and relatives living miles away from you and convey sweetest birthday greetings.

We hope these delicious birthday cakes will send the happiness to your loved ones.