What do modern studio apartments have in common? This is often a tiny bathroom. Only 5’x10′ for plumbing and comfort. Is it a lot or a little? Someone will say that it is unforgivable little. But if you try, you can create an attractive design for a small bathroom with a shower and 24 inch bathroom vanity.

What tasks do the owners of the apartment face when arranging a small bathroom?

• Place plumbing fixtures, accessories, and storage systems. It is challenging to fit a bathtub shower, toilet, luxury bathroom vanity, and heated towel rails into a tiny room, but it is possible. The main thing is to follow the advice of designers and remember the little tricks.

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• Create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space where you can wash, relax, or retire, which is especially important for every prominent family member.

• Choose finishing materials, plumbing, and furniture so that they are functional and comfortable, and combined.

How to put a shower cabin in a small bathroom if the room’s physical dimensions cannot be changed? You will have to choose the “right” plumbing and furniture and use effective design techniques to expand the space visually. If you do everything according to the rules, you will like the result.

Where to begin?

Before ordering in the salons of plumbing and building materials everything you need for repairs, you need to prepare the premises. It is essential to carefully, literally to the smallest detail, think over the layout of a small bathroom with a shower cabin and other interior features. Here’s what it’s for:

• maintain the general concept and not regret repairing in a couple of weeks;

• save time and money by choosing decoration materials, plumbing and furniture wisely;

• get a comfortable and functional space for relaxation and daily hygiene procedures.

Here are five steps to a perfect layout

1. Consider the shape of the room. In most apartments, bathrooms almost always have a standard layout. They are small to medium in size.

2. Consider the location of the communication lines. Engineering systems can be carried for the convenient location and use of plumbing.

3. Decide where the doorway, bathroom or shower, heated towel rail, medicine cabinet with light, bathtub, cabinets, and storage systems will be located.

4. Determine how the ventilation system will fit into the interior with a small bathroom or shower. In a humid room, you cannot do without it.

5. Choose ergonomic bathroom fixtures, bathroom vanity, and finishing materials in the same color scheme to enlarge the bathroom visually.

Many designers agree that repairs in a small bathroom with a shower stall should be carried out, considering the correct design concept. In the case of small rooms, the best solution is minimalism, when everything in the interior is simple and concise, functional, and with no-frills.

Bath or shower?

A shower in a small bathroom is often the only right way out. You will have to choose an ergonomic model and not a sizeable hydro box. But here the question arises: can the booth replace the bath if you want to take a quick shower and relax after a hard day fully?

It would help if you had shower cabin models that have the following features:

• deep trays, with a jacuzzi to take a bath and bathe children;

• corner configurations, which for all their ergonomics are roomy;

• the presence of an electronic control panel and hydromassage jets for relaxation.

The advantages of a shower cubicle are convincing

• a corner shower in a small bathroom saves valuable space;

• you do not overpay for utilities and significantly save water;

• the bathroom has an optimal level of humidity: ventilation above the cabin removes excess moisture;

• you get a functional solution for hygiene procedures, aqua massage, and relaxation;

• a modern shower cubicle in a small bathroom has an affordable price and stylish design.

If you are in favor of traditional solutions, then it is better to choose a bath. But not the standard rectangular, but angular or curved. This will give you roomy and ergonomic sanitary ware that does not interfere with the positioning of the washing machine, washbasin with mirror, heated towel rail, and cupboards.