The killing of Brad McGarry, in Bellaire, Ohio on May 17, 2017, sent shockwaves throughout the small community. The story of David Kinney quickly transformed from what appeared to be a burglary gone awry into one of love, treachery, and cold-blooded killing.

Who is David Kinney?

David Kinney (37-year-old man from Bellaire, Ohio) was a personification of betrayal. Kinney, who was initially portrayed as a loving spouse and friend, had his facade shattered after the investigation into Brad McGarry’s murder. The truth about his dual life of being married and having a secret love was revealed, revealing how deep the deception went.

What did David Kinney do?

David Kinney’s violent act on May 7, 2013 shattered Bellaire’s peace. Brad McGarry was his lover and best friend. He shot him twice in the back. McGarry died instantly. Kinney’s desperate attempts to conceal his dark secret were evident in the crime scene which was meticulously set up to look like a burglary.

Kinney’s admission brought to light all the complexities in his relationship with McGarry. Kinney wanted to keep his heterosexual marriage, but McGarry’s desire for an intimate relationship was in conflict with Kinney. Kinney claimed the murder was an accident, but investigators debunked this claim quickly. Kinney was believed to have been primarily motivated by the desire to hide his affair and sexual orientation.

Where is David Kinney now?

David Kinney from Ohio has been sentenced to life without parole at Noble Correctional Institution as part of an unforgettable chapter in his life that marked a cycle of lies. It serves as an alarming reminder to everyone else, of what can occur when people lead lives full of deception and become complicit.

The dramatic twists in the case of David Kinney & Brad McGarry and their revelation of harsh truths regarding human relationships make it stand out. The case of David Kinney and Brad McGarry shows how fear of social judgment, as well as the burden of hidden truths, can have catastrophic results. Kinney’s desperate attempts to hide his secret life led him on a path with irreversible results.

The case in Bellaire, Ohio continues to be a powerful reminder of the complexity of human emotions, and how societal pressures can often influence personal choices. This story continues to spark debates on acceptance of different sexual orientations, and the implications of living a double-life. David Kinney’s life sentence is more than just the conclusion of a murder case. It also speaks to the struggles that people face when trying to find their identity and conforming to social norms.

Kinney is spending his days at Noble Correctional Institution. The tragic death of Brad McGarry remains in the minds of the locals. This case is a mixture of personal dramas and criminal investigations. It remains a striking example of how deeply private secrets can become public tragedies.


  1. David Kinney: Where are you now?
    • David Kinney has been sentenced to life in prison at the Noble Correctional Institution, Caldwell, Ohio. He is not eligible for parole.
  2. What was David Kinney found guilty of?
    • Kinney was found guilty of the murder Brad McGarry in May 2017, whom he had shot twice in the brain.
  3. When was David Kinney given a life sentence?
    • David Kinney was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Brad McGarry shortly after being arrested on May 9, 2017.
  4. David Kinney can appeal his life sentence
    • Kinney has a life-long sentence, without parole. This means that he is limited in his options to appeal.
  5. David Kinney is he in a maximum security prison?
    • David Kinney, yes, is currently incarcerated at Noble Correctional Institution. This facility is known for housing serious criminals.