Breathtaking sunsets, warm ocean breezes, long walks on the seashore, bicycle rides, and a relaxed island environment are the essence of Hollywood’s most romantic films. These things create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating a honeymoon or rekindling a long-term relationship away from the hassles of life.

The mesmerizing beauty of Key West Island sets the stage for couples who want to enjoy a memorable, intimate holiday trip to an exotic destination. Sited at the southernmost tip of the state of Florida, a historic and dreamy tropical oasis offers a wide range of adrenaline-filled things for spouses to do and see.

In this guide, we have crafted a list of 6 activities to do in Key West, Florida for couples, from romantic candlelit dinners, adventurous outdoor ideas, and laid-back experiences. Scroll down and discover what to do in Key West to have an unforgettable excursion.

6 Most Romantic Activities To Do In Key West

1.      Rent A Bike And Explore Old Town

The Key West Historic District (Old Town) is an official U.S. historic district that has approximately 187 historic buildings and one structure. It is an idyllic place where you can get wholly lost in the historical world.

Rent a bike to explore the old-fashioned side streets and the colorful, fragrant gardens of this town. On the streets lined with gingerbread-trimcottages, shade trees, and picket fences, you will discover the heart and soul of local culture. Besides, you will also be able to explore more than 200 bars, boutique shops, hotels, and much more.

2.      Paddle Boarding Or Kayaking Through Mangroves

If you and your partner want to soak up nature, put paddle boarding through the uninhabited Mangrove forests on your trip itinerary. You will find the crystal clear and warm water very inviting. So, use your kayak to discover your own spot to swim with dolphins.

Take your binoculars and hunt for wildlife or visit some of the lesser-visited fishing points. No matter whether you choose scuba diving, swimming, or deep-sea fishing, you will be making remarkable memories with your bae in adventure.

Captain Experiences makes booking a fishing trip painless: no more searching for weeks and playing phone tag. They’ve connected with guides all over Key West and offer over 60 different fishing experiences on their site

3.      Seaplane Ride To Dry Tortugas

The southernmost tip of Key West is the most inhabited and romantic piece of land in the USA. Just 70 miles west of this beautiful place is one of the lesser-visited national parks in the United States.

With gorgeous crystalline waters and conspicuous white sand beaches, the Dry Tortugas is an impeccable destination for a day trip, especially for couples who want a more private experience. This coral reef island can be accessed by a seaplane or ferry.

It is the heart of many bird species and other wildlife, such as sharks, lobsters, octopuses, and Goliath groupers. Watching green forests and Fort Jefferson from above and landing on turquoise waters with your lover is an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

4.      Sunset Celebration

Add sunset celebration to your to-do list if you want a perfect end to an activity-filled day. Sighting the legendary sun setting over the Key West port while discovering the arts and crafts stalls and observing local street performers, will surely stir your heart and soul.

You can grab some local food to eat from food stalls offering all types of mouthwatering snacks. You will also meet some fortune tellers there. 

5.      Candlelit Dinner Date At Sunset Key

If you want to enjoy a luxurious oceanfront dining experience, you must visit Latitude’s restaurant on Sunset Key. Take a 7-minute boat ride to this distinctive, atmospheric restaurant located on a private island in Key West Harbor.

They serve a seasonally-inspired menu of fresh, delicious island cuisine with magnificent views of the Gulf of Mexico. You can anticipate finding combinations of local seafood like crispy salmon, chilled poached shrimp, or grilled lobster tail with tropical veggies and fruits. Additionally, you will find many other meat and vegetarian options.

This incredible property is enclosed by lush greenery and palm trees wrapped in golden lights. You will love every second of your romantic, lavish dining adventure in this picturesque place.

6.      Float Several Hundred Feet Above The Waters On A Parasail

If you don’t fear flying and want to feel that adrenaline rush, you must try parasailing. Flying high above the crystalline waters might seem frightening from far away, but it really is not! This recreational activity turns out to be terrifically tranquil and soothing.

You don’t need to worry, even if you have never tried parasailing before. It requires no expertise to participate in this experience as the pilot and the boat do most of the job.

All you have to do is to lean back, stay seated, and enjoy the aerial view with your sweetheart as you soar through the air with a beautifully colored parachute. You may even see dolphins playing in the surf on a clear day. How adventurous is that!