Having missed going to the gym for almost a year due to Covid-19, it’s now time to get back on the saddle, but prior to that, you need a proper set of workout shirts for women so that you can efficiently resume your fitness regime. It is essential to find the right gym wear since it can have a huge impact on the way you feel during and after an exercise. Gym t-shirts for women will provide a proper fit, good support, and freedom of mobility not only throughout your training session but also during the rest of your recreational activities, making you feel confident and refreshed all day long. Made from fabrics that are engineered to keep sweat and odour away whilst also being non-sticky and flexible, these tops become the ideal garments for you to wear worry-free, to any event or gathering after the gym.  

This list comprises the best workout shirts for women produced by companies that are at the top of today’s fitness industry so that you can focus on your training without the long hassle of searching for good-quality gym wear


Regardless of whether you are a hardcore athlete or just visiting the gym to stay fit, SQUATWOLF is the fitness brand whose gym wear is second to none! From high-quality fabric to stylish prints and stunning colours, every article of this brand is engineered to provide you with the most optimal gym apparel allowing you to breach your exercise limits with ease and comfort. Their workout shirts for women are designed using the latest technology and exceptional fabric combinations that allow you to work up a sweat, irrespective of the weather outside. Additionally, these tops are also instilled with high-end features such as sweat-absorption, shock-absorption, odour-reduction, and four-way stretchability, aimed to assist you in performing your best at the gym whilst also wearing the same outfit without hesitation, at the date thereafter. 

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What makes SQUATWOLF the ultimate gym wear brand and the one to lead this list, is their attention to detail. Each of their apparel is manufactured keeping in mind the modern fashion trends along with the basic garment needs of every athlete and gym goer. Their line of gym t-shirts of women is no stranger to this, with tops specially engineered to facilitate you in lifting those dumbbells and performing those tricep dips with the maximum amount of efficiency and productivity. Hence, after giving the gym wear of SQUATWOLF a try, you will never feel comfortable enough to hit the gym without it.  


Empowering and supporting women athletes and trainers worldwide, ATHLETA manufactures activewear that is both high-performance and environmentally sustaining. Their workout shirts for women are designed to be extremely comfortable and supportive, enabling you to give your all at the gym. This brand offers shirts that are engineered from top-notch fabric that is breathable, flexible, and recyclable. Women’s gym t-shirts of this brand offer many features such as moisture-absorption, deodorization, and UPF (sun-rays protection), allowing you to train both inside and outside the gym without any worry or irritation. Aside from high-quality fabrics, what makes this brand stand out is the large variation in sizes of its articles, catering to almost every body type, so that one can feel proud and confident whilst working out. 


FP Movement recognizes that for true trainers, there is no single exercise routine. Some days the mood is to hit the gym, whilst on other days a hike or run might better align with your fitness spirit. Keeping this in mind, FP Movement has made it its mission to provide you with gym wear to help you accomplish your exercising goals irrespective of the type of workout. Their line of women’s workout shirts is categorized according to the type of training, consisting of hiking shirts, training tanks, running tops, and many more, each aimed to provide an optimal and worthwhile experience.


Gym wear that is so comfy that you will want to wear it all day, is the specialty of Outdoor Voices. Their gym t-shirts for women are the ideal blend of comfort and support, allowing you to use them while hitting both the gym and the grocery store. Fabric that is durable, stretchable, and armed to decrease sweat and odor, is the basic foundation of all gym t-shirts made by this brand. 


A once yoga-centric brand that has now expanded to cater to all your gym wear needs, Alo Yoga manufactures apparel that is made to help you feel both empowered and comfortable. Women’s gym shirts of this brand are designed to have a smooth and soft feel, akin to a second skin, allowing you unrestricted movement throughout any form of exercise. They pay close attention to style, having tops that are focused on giving off stunning looks so that you can wear them all day long stress-free.


With this list, you are sure to be able to restart your workout routine with zero confusion and focus on your fitness and health without having to worry about your budget.