Your work truck works almost as hard as you do. These four accessories for your work truck can make your work life much easier and more convenient. 

1. Storage

Adding extra storage to your work truck makes a huge difference. How much time are you wasting every day looking for your essentials? With good storage, that time can go to zero. 

There are many options for work truck storage, including standard chest tool boxes, the best underbody toolboxes that mount beneath the bed, and even storage drawers that slide out fully from beneath a high-capacity payload deck. The number of available options means you can find the storage solution you need. 

2. Office Essentials

Paperwork and communication are part of the job, so take the time to equip your work truck for all the kinds of work you need to do every day. Sometimes what you need most out on the road is a place to put your laptop or a way to charge your phone when your vehicle isn’t running. You can find accessories that convert your passenger seat into a desk or that mount to your bed rails to give you a convenient place to work from your laptop inside or out. Wifi hotspots, solar chargers, and power inverters are just a few of the many solutions you can find to keep your office up and running even when your office goes on the road. 

3. Steps

Your truck is big. That’s why you love it, and it’s perfect for your work. But it’s big, and getting in and out multiple times daily takes a toll. Make your life easier with steps or rails. They’ll help you get in and out with less effort, plus they can improve your access to the bed by either making it easier to climb into the bed or by helping you get what you need from the bed without climbing all the way in. 

4. Vent Visors

This is possibly our favorite work truck upgrade because it’s a cheap and easy way to make life in a truck more pleasant. Vent visors install quickly into the channel of your window and deflect rain and snow away from the window. Why does this matter? Well, with a vent visor, you can drive with your windows open a crack even in the rain, so you can enjoy a bit of fresh air without getting wet. Vent visors also mean you can leave your windows open a crack on a job site. Air circulates and keeps things a bit cooler, plus your seats won’t get soaked in the event of a surprise rainstorm. 

Add these accessories to your truck today to make life in your truck easier.