Time management hacks are everywhere; it seems everyone has a tip or two about how to stop wasting time. Are discount office supplies the solution to your time management woes? They might not be the silver bullet you’re looking for, but they can make a difference. Here are a few examples:

Be Efficient AND Effective

Efficiency is fine. Effectiveness is fine. But when you’re efficient and effective, then the magic starts to happen. What do we mean by that? Here’s an example. Let’s say you set up a system for sorting through your email that’s very efficient. You look at each item and immediately sort it where it belongs – trash, to do, save, etc. You can zip through hundreds of emails efficiently using this method, but in the end, you’ve got no sense of satisfaction because you didn’t actually accomplish very much. At the other end of the spectrum, you might spend an entire day on a creative task that you feel great about, but meanwhile, the rest of your life has piled up. Finding a balance between efficient and effective is key.

Quality office supplies can contribute to the efficiency of your space by keeping you organized and providing the tools you need to get the job done. They can also help you determine where you’re spending your time and energy so you can make sure you’re giving attention to those tasks that make you feel most effective. 

Have Clear Priorities

Every day should begin with a moment where you identify those things that must get done that day. Writing them down in clear language and keeping them in front of you will help keep you on task. Maybe you use a whiteboard, vision board, colored paper, or a planner – choose what you like. As you plan your day, block off time to work on those priorities and then hold those boundaries. 

Stay Organized

Nothing is a more egregious waste of time than looking for things you can’t find. Whether it’s the vendor contract you need to review, the meeting registration forms you need to fill out, or a replacement toner cartridge for your printer, any time you spend searching is time wasted. A place for everything and everything in its place is an old adage, but it’s good advice; when followed, you can eliminate the giant timesuck of trying to find something. Products such as desk trays, file cabinets, label makers, bins, and many others let you create easy-to-access spaces for everything. 

Stop wasting time. Get good office supplies.