In terms of American cheese, we usually think of that ooey-gooey goodness melted in a freshly prepared grilled cheese sandwich. That bright orange individually packaged cheese slice is classic American cheese. It’s perfect in its simplicity. American cheese’s popularity among Australians can be attributed to the rise of nachos and burgers. Despite that, the American cheese slices, in the form of The Burger Cheese from Pure Dairy, is superior to any other available cheese.

American cheese also has a long shelf life – it maintains its taste and texture for a long time, unlike other cheeses. It can maintain its quality for up to six months when stored correctly, making it a good choice for restaurants. Due to its extended shelf life, you can buy American cheese in bulk at a lower price and use it for months.

An affordable cheese that makes any burger juicy and delicious is widely available, affordable, and has a long shelf life is the ideal cheese. Thus, the burger cheese, American cheese slices makes sense to be regarded as every restaurant’s favourite. Restaurant owners find American cheese beneficial, so they choose it over others, but their consumers are also loyal to American cheese. The two primary reasons for customer loyalty are:

Health Benefits

American cheese is a high-calorie dairy product. Three-quarters of an ounce (100 grams) contains 368 calories and 30.6 grams of fat. Despite this, it is one of the best sources of vitamin D and protein. Calcium and phosphorus are both found in high levels in American cheese. In addition, it contains 301 IU of vitamin D (or 50% of the RDI). Dietary consumption of American cheese boosts bone growth and strength.

As well as providing high-quality protein, American cheese slices contain all the essential amino acids for growth and development. About 32% of recommended daily protein intake is held in 3.5 oz. of Brie (about 100g). Because it is a dairy product, American cheese does not contain gluten. They are a good source of protein, minerals and vitamins for gluten free consumers.

Culinary Benefits

Australian consumers value American cheese because it is a pasteurized processed cheese. Due to annatto food colouring, it is usually orange but can also be cream or white. It is a fantastic ingredient because it accentuates the flavour of other food combinations without giving up its distinctive cheesiness. The low temperature takes it up smoothly and easily without causing a greasy or grainy texture. Melted cheese does not flow in hot dishes and mixes easily with other sauces, which adds a cheesy flavour.

American cheese slices are popular and have multiple benefits, but not every American cheese is the best. Quality cheese makes a huge difference. To make sure that you get great cheese, it is crucial to purchase it from a reputable manufacturer or distributor. Burger cheese from Pure Dairy can provide you with high-quality American cheese for your burgers if you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy manufacturer. Their products, including American cheese, are among the best in the world. You can get delicious American cheese made without nasty additives for your restaurant.