Adventurous vacations are all about inspiration, excitement, and discoveries. But to make the most of your time away from home, you must prepare for anything – be it hiking in a new territory or traveling through an unfamiliar city on a business trip.

The preparation process goes beyond packing your bags and ensuring you have your tickets. You must also be sure to pack the right gear and supplies, or you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

One way to make sure you are always ready for anything is by subscribing to an outdoor subscription box service. These services offer monthly boxes packed with everything, from essential gear to emergency kits. Best of all, you can receive these boxes directly to your home or office.

This blog will help you discover seven of the most popular outdoor subscription boxes on the market today.

1. Battlbox

Founded in 2015, Battlbox is the best outdoor subscription box to buy in 2022. The company focuses mainly on tactical gear and survival supplies. Other items you can receive in each monthly box are hunting-themed clothing.

Whatever your mission, Battlbox will help you gear up. You will get a box that matches your needs, from beginner to professional and outdoor enthusiasts. Their four subscription packages are a complete outdoor solution.

You can also pick their curated adventure boxes covering a specific theme like camping or emergency supplies. What is better is that you can schedule a gift box for your loved ones, and they receive their adventure supplies every month for a duration of your choice.

2. Crate Club

Another top player in outdoor adventure subscription boxes is Crate Club. They have crates for different activities and needs. Their focus is on survival and tactical gear, but they also offer packages for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels.

Crate Club has crates for different people, such as the prepper, the outdoorsman, and the hunter. As an adventure enthusiast, you can subscribe to receive up to four crates per year.

For adventure, expect various items that will suit your needs, like a knife, a fire starter, or a multi-tool. Their three packages, Lieutenant, Captain, and General, come with distinct features and items to match your outdoor experience and needs.

The General package, for example, is for professionals. It comes with self-defense flashlights, bullet-proof inserts, and other tactical equipment.

3. Hiker Crate

This company focuses on the best supplies and equipment for hikers, backpackers, and campers. Their subscription is monthly and comes with boxes filled with various items like food, tools, and clothing.

Hiker Crate helps you to better prepare for your hiking and camping trips. You can choose the subscription you want according to your needs. For instance, you can order for a one-month subscription, where you pay and receive one box per month.

To better plan your adventures, you can opt for the three, six, or 12-month subscription that gives you discounts. You receive a box per month without worrying about renewing your subscription.

Their gifting option sends the adventure boxes to your friends as gifts. You can also include a personalized message in the box to congratulate or to motivate them.

4. Nomadik

If you are a camping and hiking lover, you will love Nomadik outdoor subscription box. The company provides various types of subscription boxes for different activities and themes.

With this adventure box, you receive a new package every other month. The box contents are tailored to your preferences, so you can be sure that everything in it will be of use to you.

To use Nomadik to its best value, you can use their gear quiz. Their four questions will guide you to picking the most-appropriate gear for your adventure. In this way, you can receive the items you need for your unique outdoor adventure activities.

5. KinderBox

For men who love exploring, KinderBox is the best subscription box for you. This company provides boxes packed with camping gear and outdoor supplies every month. Their survival tools, camping gear, and other supplies will enable you to have a grueling adventure.

Their box costs $30, and you receive items worth $50 or more. This box mainly consists of items for men, like toiletries and grooming items. You will receive outdoor supplies and tools as well.

6. Street Team Cycling

If cycling is your thing, you can subscribe to Street Team Cycling. This company provides boxes filled with cycling gear and supplies for your biking adventures. You will receive tools and supplies to enhance your cycling experience and make it more exciting.

The things you can expect in each box vary according to your choice. Generally, you would get bike cleaning tools, cycling tops, tire levers, energy bars, cycling drinks, and other such items.

Their boxes come in a range of prices and contents, so you can choose the one which best suits your needs. With this box, you will worry less about the things you need for your cycling adventure. You can also shop for the products you need directly from their website.

7. The Camp Life

Camping and outdoor living will be more fun if you have The Camp Life subscription box. This box delivers camping gear, tools, and supplies every month to those who subscribe.

The contents of their boxes range from lighting equipment like lanterns and flashlights. You can expect between five and seven items per box. Some contain food for RV camping so you can cook outdoors. You will also receive some clothing like a T-shirt and a cap.

While their boxes start at $44.95, expect to receive items worth more than $65. You can receive the adventure package quarterly on the 4th date of the month. You can also gift a friend or family member the box to enhance their camping experience.


Adventure trips and vacations are the most thrilling and fun-filled experiences a person can have in their lifetime. The problem is that most people do not prepare for the outdoor activities they might want to engage in while on vacation. A great way to prepare for your next adventure and eliminate the guesswork is by subscribing to one of the best outdoor subscription boxes.