Instagram is a popular social media marketing and promotional tool that help you reach an enormous audience base. Till now, Instagram has 1 billion active users worldwide, and it is the second most visited social network after Facebook. People spend 53 minutes daily watching IGTV, Instagram reels, etc. Therefore, promoting your brand on Instagram will make wonders for your business. As a brand, if you are looking to build your online community, then you can buy instagram reels likes and enhance your brand visibility worldwide. In this article, let us see some cross-promotion strategies to level up your business. Let’s get started!

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What Is Cross-Promotion?

The core idea of cross-promotion is to share the same content across various social media platforms. But, you may think about how it may reap better results! Cross-promotion helps to increase new leads, create brand awareness and improve your reputation across various social media channels. It is a great tactic to drive sales and offers an opportunity to reach a diversified audience with a strong brand presence.

Who Can Utilize Cross-Promotion?

Companies with smaller budgets, start-ups, and new brands can effectively use cross-promotion strategies to develop their business. As new brands may not have a lot of content in their hand, they can post the same content on various social media platforms, which helps to create strong brand awareness. The first impression you make on the audience should be great. So if you post the same content on various social media, people will easily recognize your brand. Moreover, creators who want to free up hours can cross-post the same content. 

3 Instagram Cross-Promotion Strategies

Cross-Promote Instagram On Email 

You can promote your Instagram through email marketing. It is such a simple process. You can add the Instagram icon in your email footer that leads users to your Instagram account. Another way is to link your Instagram account to your email body, which will drive more traffic to your Instagram account. You can make aware the email subscribers of your Instagram presence by adding the Instagram icon to your email signature. If you keep an email template with a permanent Instagram icon, it will reach your audience every time you create a new email campaign. 

If you are a business that frequently communicates with customers using your official email address, add your Instagram link with some catchy CTA lines like ‘head to insta.’ In addition, a more straightforward promotion strategy is that share user-generated Instagram content in the email body to your customers. It will dynamically increase your conversion rates. Even you can start a contest or hashtag challenge on your e-newsletter. Create a catchy contest that engages your email subscribers to click on your Instagram account. Then, to inspire your followers, you should have a follow-up through email. 

Cross-Promote Instagram On Youtube

Youtube is an incredible place to gain more Instagram followers. People will like to see your activities on other social media pages after watching videos on youtube. Here are some simple strategies that you can use to cross-promote Instagram,

  • Add your Instagram link in the video description. For example, Cakes by MK has 78k subscribers on youtube. When she started to use Instagram, she could reach up to 4000 followers effortlessly. It shows that cross-promoting on youtube will be able to drive more followers on Instagram. If you want to boost your fame further, choose to garner free instagram reels likes trial and increase your Instagram reels reach the global audience.
  • If you want to turn your youtube audience into Instagram followers more directly, you can give a voiceover in your videos by saying follow us on Instagram. For instance, some YouTubers casually mention that they have included the outfit’s photos on Instagram and follow for more updates on Instagram. It is quite an easy way of promoting your other social media channels. 
  • Another best way is to collaborate with influencers. Instead of asking influencers to add your IG account to their youtube video, it is better to search for influencers who are willing to promote your products by saying their benefits in the video itself. It will be more powerful to draw attention to your potential Instagram followers. 

Cross-Promote Instagram On Facebook

Cross-promotion on Facebook boosts a great engagement among the audience. Your Facebook followers will likely be interested to see you on Instagram. You can link your Instagram account to your Facebook page’s ‘about us’ or profile page. You can even share your Instagram videos on the Facebook platform. It effectively saves time and turns your valuable audience to Instagram. In addition, you can use Facebook cover photos to promote your Instagram account because people will take the time to view and as a new cover photo.


You can choose the best cross-promotion from the above article that suits your business goals and build a successful brand. Even if you own a small brand or business, try using these ideas to reach your target audience quickly. As we are in a competitive world, the fastest and smartest way to market your brand is cross-promotion of content. Therefore, it will effectively leverage your brand presence.