Everyone will have, at some point purchased a piece of flatpack furniture. 

These options are affordable, accessible, and despite their names, can be very easy and fast to put up. In fact, the selling of Removals Bristol is what allowed the Swedish brand IKEA to become one of the most profitable companies in the world. 

However, how would you feel if you found out that you can now also purchase a flat pack home? Yes, everything from the outer walls to the inner floors would be planned out, and all you need to do is hire a team to put it together. Oh, and pay for the land it is going to be standing on top of.

In 2022, flat-pack or prefabricated homes are becoming more popular than ever. Primarily because the property market the world over is making it harder than ever to buy a home, making this a suitable option for first-time buyers. 

Therefore, if you were going to build your home from scratch anyway, here are some key reasons to consider investing in a flat pack option instead. 

Environmentally Friendly

It is no longer something that people are willing to push to the back of their minds. In the last 5 years, more people than ever have been rallying to change government policies on climate change and now, this is being extended to the world of building homes and maintaining them. This has evolved to people no longer wanting a standard home to be built and has allowed the reimagining of homes in Bristol, the UK, and the world over to change into homes where the key focus is being environmentally friendly.

More and more property investment companies such as RWinvest recognise the importance of helping to protect the environment which is why they built the North West’s first-ever eco property investment in Liverpool, and for every unit sold, donated money for 100 trees to be planted in the Amazon Rainforest.

While it may seem odd to associate a flat pack home with being eco-friendly, the materials that are used to build these homes are usually the ones that would end up in landfills, adding to the waste problem. The components of these homes are also built in factories rather than on-site, meaning the measurements and cutting are precise, once again minimising waste. 

Energy Efficient

One of the ways a home can be greener is to be more energy efficient. This will usually mean that the home is sealed, can be warmed quickly in the winter, and will be cooler in the summer without any of the energy escaping into the atmosphere.

Flat pack homes are built for accuracy and will not have any areas in the walls or the design where heat will be able to escape, thus saving you money on your energy bills. They also require less warming and cooling, so the amount of heating or air conditioning that will be needed will be minimal too. 

However, to be safe when it comes to installing air conditioning in your home, always be sure to have a professional company visit your home and fit the appliance. In keeping with the theme of going greener, why not have air coolers installed rather than air conditioners?


Yes, you can even choose the shape of your flat-packed home. Those who create and build the homes will be able to work closely with you to ensure that all the requirements you have are met and that your flair for interior design is not overlooked in the design process.

Fast Build

Consider the building process for a home that is made from brick; how long will it take to finish? Many months if you are lucky, and assuming that there are no delays. 

A pre-packed home will take a few weeks to put together, and the installation of heaters and coolers will only take a few additional hours. Meaning that you and your family won’t be waiting around for months on end for a date to move in. 


All joking aside, having a home built from scratch is stressful. 

You must ensure that you have the money to purchase the architects, the materials, the land, and of course, the builders and the electricians in Adelaide.

Consider that when you are overseeing the building of a standard home, there may be issues at the site due to weather or machinery failure. However, when you choose to have a pre-packed home built, this part is done in a factory, so the weather won’t impact the build, nor will the machines that you have hired. This means less stress for you, and you will usually be updated day by day on the progress of the build. Also, you can be certain that the final creation will be delivered to the building site on a set date, so you will have a better idea of when you and your family will be able to move in.