Online advertising has come a long way. From when banner ads pioneered this trend, things have greatly evolved. There are several forms of online advertising these days, thereby inundating business owners and online marketers with a plethora of options. This means that, with the right marketing tools and strategy, a business can greatly optimize its online presence and generate a ton of business leads and revenue. Of course, of the multiple online advertising methods, different people may prefer one of them over another. For instance, an online store selling designer jeans may prefer to use social media platforms like Instagram to better target the younger demographics.

The following are the most popular ways of online advertising:

1)Native Advertising

Unlike most advertising methods, native advertising is one where there’s less emphasis on sponsored content or banner ads. The premise is to offer solutions to problems without asking for any reciprocation upfront. For example, a blog can be a perfect way to utilize native advertising strategies. A blog can write about a topic that they are passionate about, offering practical solutions and advice to readers. With time, they build a loyal readership which can translate into more organic traffic. This means that displaying ads on such a blog will mean more viewership. When combined with other strategies like lead nurturing and search engine optimization (SEO), it is very effective. This is because native advertising doesn’t convey the kind of brash attitude that many people find off-putting.

2) Display Advertising

Display ads represent the visual content that is tailored according to the specific platform or site on which they are displayed. These could be videos on a social media platform or images on a blog. Display ads can be bought through media like Google Adwords or directly. The cost of these ads is estimated as cost per click (CPC).

3. Social Media Advertising

Social media is arguably the most popular and effective online advertising tool. With it, a business can reach a phenomenally large number of people using a few well-designed ads. It’s crucial to remember that social media is a relatively new phenomenon. Up until the turn of the century, this tool was only a novel concept, with most of the public unaware of its vast potential. Few marketers and business owners would’ve imagined that it would become such a driving force in online marketing. The first social media platform could only be used to create a profile and send messages within a few connections—people with whom one was connected on that platform. Fast forward to today, social media platforms are indispensable, gaining more significance by the day. People of nearly all ages are drawn to it for different reasons. Regardless of why people visit social media platforms, the fact that they do means that a business owner can guarantee significant exposure for their business just by being on social media.

With many ‘gurus’ and influencers availing themselves on social media, it makes it a perfect place for the average internet user to seek information. A business owner can take advantage of this by ensuring that they design effective ads and content, ensuring that the numerous people frequenting social media platforms will come across their business. Trending can help a relatively unknown business gain instant exposure, thereby higher chances of gaining clients and deals. If you create good content that begins to trend, you’ll reach many potential customers within a short period. Some businesses go so far as to create a permanent presence on social media. For instance, a clothing store can have a Facebook page for taking orders from customers.

4) Mobile Advertising

While there are different types of mobile advertising, every online advertising campaign should endeavor to adapt to mobile phone technology. Recent trends have indicated that a growing number of people now use their phones for internet browsing far more than computers. This means that an online advertising campaign that ignores this fact is at risk of losing out on an enormous market share of potential consumers. Search engine analysis indicates that search traffic from mobile devices will soon overtake that of desktop and personal computers. This means that adapting an online advertising campaign to be compatible with mobile devices is critical. This makes mobile advertising essential for any business that dreams of success in the online space.

Ultimately, the popularity of online advertising stems from its reach and consumer response. In that regard, social media platforms help to optimize things like mobile advertising. Together, they form an unmatched online advertising tool.