How to Use Tombs of Amascut’s Invocation System in OSRS

Here’s what you must know about Tombs of Amascut’s invocation system and how it will affect the difficulty level and potential rewards.

Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3 is the newest PvM activity in Old School RuneScape which features items such as Tumeken’s Shadow, worth over 700m OSRS GP, or the Osmumten’s Fang, worth almost 50m OSRS gold.

You’ll also be able to get untradeable rewards like the Thread of Elidinis, which will upgrade your rune pouch to carry four types of runes instead of 3. The loot table also contains the Masori armor set, which you can get for about 250m OSRS GP, and a ring, the Lightbearer, worth over 40m OSRS gold.

However, to get a chance at obtaining any of these valuable rewards and other untradeable ones, you will need to complete the raid on a minimum certain difficulty level. You or your raid leader will be able to set the difficulty of the raid by choosing invocations. You can simply do this from the intuitive raid interface via the Obelisk.

OSRS: Invocations and Raid Level Points

Each invocation you select has several points that count towards the total raid level. They can add as little as 5 points. For example, the Jungle Japes invocations will modify the Ba-ba boss spawn— who will, on death—drop a banana peel that can damage and stun the player if stepped on, but which is easily avoidable.

On the opposite end, three complex invocations will increase the difficulty of your raid and will give you a total of 50 points each. Most invocations will give you 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 points. Of course, the higher the points, the more OSRS gold you’ll receive.

Types of Invocations in OSRS

There are quite a few types of invocations you can choose from when you want to complete a raid.

  1. Attempts Invocations

This invocation will limit the number of attempts you will get at completing the raid. You can only activate one, and you can choose to challenge yourself to complete the raid in 10, 5, 3, or 1 attempt. This is crucial. If you’re still learning the raid or you’re not confident in your skills yet, you might want to skip this one because upon failing a run, you will have to pay up to 500k OSRS GP to retrieve your OSRS items from the designated chest.

  1. Time Limit

Similarly, you can choose only one invocation from this category, and if you fail to complete it within the chosen time, you will lose raid level points. You can choose to complete the raid in under 40, 35, 30, or 25 minutes.

  1. Helpful Spirit

You can choose only one invocation from this category, which will modify the supplies you receive throughout the raid to 66 percent, 33 percent, or none.

  1. Path invocations

These invocations will make the paths level up once, twice, or three times upon entering, making them more challenging.

  1. Food and prayer

Some invocations will modify the efficiency of your protection prayers, and some will restrict your ability to use food and potions.

  1. Boss specific invocations

You’ll be able to select invocations specific to Kephri, Zebak, Akkha, Ba-ba, and the Wardens. You can choose as many for each of the bosses, and they will increase the difficulty of the bosses by adding different mechanics or challenges. For example, the double trouble invocation will make Akkha launch two special attacks at once; shaking things up will make Ba-ba’s slam attack area bigger.

OSRS Invocations and Rewards

Even though there are four modes, entry mode with 0-149 points, normal mode with 150-299 points, with 300-600 points, and impossible, with over 600 points, the points you get will decide the rewards you get. And keep in mind that some invocations can decrease your points if you fail them, potentially affecting your drop table.

0-50 points:

  • Thread of Elidinis
  • Brooch of the Scarab
  • Eye of the Corruptor
  • Jewel of the Sun

50-149 points:

  • Lightbearer
  • Osmumten’s Fang

150-350 points:

  • Elidinis ward
  • Tumeken’s Shadow
  • Masori mask
  • Masori body
  • Masori Chaps
  • Tumeken’s Guardian

350-419 points:

  • Masori crafting kit

420-499 points:

  • Menaphite ornament kit

500+ points:

  • Cursed phalanx


On top of these, you will become eligible to earn some other special rewards with points and other requirements:

  • Remnant of Akkha – You’ll need to complete the raid with a minimum of 450 difficulty with zero deaths while having all of Akkha’s invocations active. If you have all ba-ba, or all Kephri, or all Zebak, or all wardens invocations on and 450 difficulty points, you’ll be able to get their specific remnants.

OSRS Raid Level

While the points intervals dictate the reward pool, they also dictate the difficulty of the raid. Every 5 points will increase the NPC’s hp, defense, accuracy, and damage. The damage is capped at 150 percent.

Final Consideration

Constantly adapt the invocations to your preferences and playstyle even if that means less OSRS GP per hour, as in the long run, you will master the raid more and more, and you’ll be able to increase your raid level and potential to earn more OSRS gold from the drops. Making it too hard and experiencing fails will take away from experience, but that doesn’t mean that you should not experiment and spice it up now and then by trying out new invocations.