BTCC is one of the longest running crypto exchanges in the world. It provides leveraged futures and daily and perpetual contracts for nine of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Litecoin. Currently, there are over one million traders on the platform. It also has a reputation for being a highly regulated exchange.


When trading in cryptocurrencies, you have the option to use leverage to increase your profit. To use this option, you will first set the level of leverage that you wish to use. These levels can range from 10x to 100x. After setting these parameters, you can then choose between buy and sell orders. The amount of lots you want to purchase or sell will depend on your situation.

BTCC also offers a mobile trading app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. This app retains all the functionality of the web-based version while adding a mobile interface to make the process easier. The BTCC mobile app supports all 18 major cryptocurrencies and 29 trading pairs. It also allows you to hold a short or long position.

BTCC is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. It was one of the first exchanges to launch a deliverable contract, which allows traders to trade cryptocurrencies with high leverage at very low commission. This platform has over 900,000 registered users and has processed over 430,000 transactions in the last year. As an added bonus, BTCC allows you to begin trading with a small amount of USDT.


The BitMEX exchange offers a variety of products, including leveraged trading. Traders can trade up to 100x leverage for certain products, and must pay an Initial Margin to open a position. They can also opt for perpetual contracts, which have no expiration date and have the same leverage as a spot position.

Leverage trading is one of the most common ways to invest in the cryptocurrency market. This type of trading is popular among Chinese investors, who are interested in being able to borrow a large amount of money. By using leverage, investors can borrow a hundred times their initial capital, thereby increasing their profits and losses.

The BitMEX exchange uses Bitcoin as collateral for trades and fees. Traders must go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process before using this type of trading platform. The process consists of providing government-issued identification, a selfie with the ID, proof of address, and other details. Generally, the entire process takes less than five minutes, but can take a few hours if you have a lot of questions.

Pro Exchange

Bitcoin leverage trading is a method of buying and selling bitcoin on margin. This strategy involves borrowing money to trade on an exchange and then selling it back at a later date. Margin trading is not appropriate for all investors, and it can result in losses. Fortunately, there are exchanges that offer a simple margin trading system, such as Pro Exchange for Bitcoin.

The most notable difference between Pro Exchange for Bitcoin leverage trading and other exchanges with this feature is that Pro Exchange for Bitcoin leverage trading is not based in the United States. US traders were previously allowed to trade on margin with a maximum leverage of 2x on the LTC/USD pair and 3x on the BTC/EUR pair. Leveraged trading is possible on this exchange, but traders must be registered in the US. This makes using leverage trading a hassle for Americans.

Another reason to use Pro Exchange for Bitcoin leverage trading is its low trading volume. It is important to understand that a high volume exchange may not be the best choice if you’re just getting started. The platform you use should offer a variety of trading options, including a margin trading system. Traders can use this feature to place long/short positions on any of the ten+ cryptocurrency pairs.


If you’re looking for an exchange that offers leverage trading for Bitcoin, OKCoin is an option. The platform is simple and user-friendly, and getting started is just a few clicks away. First, you’ll need to register an account. You can choose to use a personal or corporate account, and then link your bank account.

In addition to USD, OKCoin also supports the Euro, the Brazilian Real, the Singapore dollar, and the Brazilian real. However, it has recently delisted Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV due to concerns that the currency would be misused. The exchange does plan to bring back USD support to all users in the future.

OKCoin also uses a system called “Socialised Loss,” which spreads the total loss proportionally among all traders. However, the amount of leverage is still limited. Despite the lowered leverage, it’s still possible to lose more than you put in.