Have you ever seen Netflix’s latest series, “The Sons of Sam”? Everybody wants to understand about David Berkowitz after watching this show. Would you like to know who he’s where he’s at this time? If so, then look at this entire article to determine each detail.

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Who’s David Berkowitz?

David Berkowitz was created in Brooklyn, New york city, on June 1, 1953. He, broadly acknowledged as Boy of Mike, is really a serial killer. He’s an adoptive child of Gem & Nathan Berkowitz. David Berkowitz is part of several plays, films, scripts, even albums.

Born in New You are able to and elevated within the U . s . States, David Berkowitz, the upon the market Army soldier, was employed like a message checker for all of us Postal System until he began a murder spree in New You are able to in the center of 1976.

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Just what did David do?

David used a.44 guns to complete eight different sniper attempts on citizens in New york city between 1976 and 1977. His victims were mainly individuals relaxing in vehicles, even his first targets, D Lauria and Jody Valenti, each of whom were about 20 at that time.

Berkowitz gunned lower six-person and hurt seven more within these targeted strikes, causing probably the most extensive gunfights in New You are able to past. He was caught on August. 10, 1977, only 11 days after his prior crime. His arrest was the result of diligent detective work that incorporated searching using a complex variety of records of random persons.

Is David Berkowitz Alive?

Berkowitz, presently 67, is jailed in the Shawangunk Condition Penitentiary in New You are able to. He was charged fully jail of 25 consecutive existence sentences each one of the six ‘Son of Sam’ shootings, to criminally prosecuted for as many as over 300 years imprisonment.

He’s been approved for release every 2 yrs after 2002, but he rejected e, has not required his parole. His final trial date was said to be in nov 2020, also it was pressed back because of the COVID-19 disease outbreak.

Many ask, Is David Berkowitz Alive? Yes, he’s still alive and presently imprisoned.


Berkowitz was indeed a difficult, and also at occasions aggressive, boy. He named probably the most probable attackers, a suspicion that verified after his vehicle got revealed to possess acquired a parking permit near among the killing locations.

As reported by the New You are able to Occasions, he endured a cardiac event at the end of 2017 and it was accepted because of the effects, but he could survive. Now, Berkowitz continues to be in prison.  Have you ever viewed his Netflix series named “The Sons of Sam”? Please email us within the below of Is David Berkowi