In today’s world, visual merchandising has become a widely used tool for entrepreneurs to drive their retail businesses to success. In case you don’t know, one of the benefits of this approach is that it helps to create brand awareness. Besides, visual merchandising is also effective to attract your target audience and get them to buy your products. One of the most effective methods of visual merchandising is by using mannequins or artificial dolls.

Artificial dolls are very effective for personalizing products for buyers. They’ll provide your customers with a better insight into how an item will fit on them when they eventually buy it. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover the different types of mannequins and how to get quality products on Valentinos.

Here are the 5 major types of mannequins

Today, mannequins (also called dummies) are available in different types and styles. Your choice of a suitable artificial doll depends, to a large extent, on how your store merchandises its products. That said, you can check below to see the different types of dummies and their functions:

1.   Abstract

Abstract dummies are contemporary art pieces that are found in most retail stores. They often feature the same measurements and proportions as those of humans. The only problem, however, is that they lack a couple of human features, such as fingernails and muscles.

Many entrepreneurs use abstract mannequins because they are very effective in adding uniqueness and class to a store. Yes, abstract dolls are a perfect choice if all you want is to attract your customers to your specific products.

2.   Realistic

Unlike abstract dolls, realistic dummies are designed primarily to emulate a real human’s appearance. Most of them come with fiberglass skin that replicates the human skin. Depending on exactly how you want them, realistic mannequins often feature heads that are covered with wigs for either a casual or formal look. You can always find realistic dummies in high-end retail stores.

3.   Headless

Headless artificial dolls are perfect for displays, which are limited by the ceiling’s height. These products often come with fiberglass material. They are always available in different types, styles, and shapes.

Headless mannequins feature torsos that often imitate the shape & size of the human body. The torso is one key characteristic of headless dummies that make shirts and other cloth types fit perfectly without any issues.

4.   Child mannequin

Child fashion mannequins are another type of dummies you need to know about. Experts specifically design these artificial dolls for parents to understand exactly how certain clothes will fit on their kids. These dolls are available in different types; some are designed for teenagers while others are strictly for babies.

5.   Torso

Torso mannequins are compact and pretty much easy to transport with your products. These dummies are available in different types. Sometimes, they are available with various attachments, such as arms, heads, and legs.

Find the best mannequins for your store

Finding the best mannequin products for your store is not as difficult as you may have thought.  One of the most reliable platforms you can trust to get the best artificial fashion dolls is Valentinos. Interestingly, these mannequins are durable and sell at affordable prices.