Are you currently receiving scam texts with missed voicemail message messages? Here’s your reason for getting such scam messages and just what must be done.

A wave of scam texts is bothering the populace around australia. The written text message would be to inform the grateful recipients in regards to a missed voicemail message that they do not have. Regrettably, it’s a growing problem for Australians because they are consistently receiving scam texts.

Australian government’s Scamwatch is warning the residents concerning the Scam Texts Australia and advocating these to delete it immediately without hitting any suspicious links.

What’s the Scam Texts About?

Flubot Scam or text scam may be the new scam individuals population around australia. So many people are falling prey to those scam texts. The scam messages are targeting mobile users.

The fraudsters send scam SMS messages to mobile users from unknown random figures to inform the grateful recipients in regards to a messed voicemail message or call. The Scam Texts Australia read something together with lines, “Voicemail: You’ve one missed voicemail message, click the link to check on it.”

The written text message features a suspicious link, and when you follow the link, the fraudster will install malicious apps in your phone or steal your private data. The applying can look using the icon “voicemail” having a blue cassette inside a yellow envelope.

Darren Pauli, the cybersecurity expert, is warning all recipients to prevent such scam messages because it is a brand new attempt by scammers to steal users’ private data.

Scamwatch Advices – How to prevent the Scam Texts Australia?

The Australian Competition and Consumer Competition’s Scamwatch warns individuals to ignore individuals messages and delete them soon after receiving them. The ACCC spokesperson stated the scam text has become a truly alarming situation for individuals, and also over 300 occasions, the scam continues to be reported within the last 7 days. Below are great tips you have to do should you receive scam texts.

•           Register your telephone number using the Don’t Disturb service.

•           Never click the link provided within the message and delete the content immediately.

•           Never call people in the number that sent the Scam Texts Australia.

•           If you’ve already visited the hyperlink and also you suspect as being a victim from the scam, make a study at You may even report the situation to Scamwatch in their official website.

•           Victims who lost their private data to scammers are required to make contact with the IDCARE service by calling their number 1800-595-160.

•           If you in some way installed the malicious application, speak to your bank immediately to make sure that the account is protected with no suspicious activity is noted.

The Ultimate Ideas

Australian Competition and Consumer Competition or ACCC’s Scamwatch is frequently warning concerning the new text scam. They urge individuals to delete the Scam Texts Australia immediately rather than share any info towards the fraudster by hitting the suspicious links.

So, if you’re getting such scam messages, report them immediately and delete the content to prevent become a victim of the scammers.