To have a body and face that is to your satisfaction and content is a blessing! And while the wellness coaches and authors propagate that we all should be happy with whatever form or shape we are born with, that seems to be a Utopian world for a section of people who would wish to change a part or two of their body. And since medical science makes this possible under the full caution and dexterity of the plastic surgeon, there’s no harm to opt-in for it. But the trouble comes when you have to select the best plastic surgeon. 

Are you in search for an ideal plastic surgeon like Dr. Ong Wei Chen for your plastic surgery? If so, here are the 8 best tips that you can use. 

  1. Experience is crucial 

Going under the knife to change the way you look needs courage. You need to have faith in the person who will get the surgery done. So, check for your plastic surgeon’s years of experience and the number of successful cases. 

  1. Explain your surgery purpose

Your doctor needs to know why you are opting in for the rhinoplasty or face augmentation. The demands of a woman who wishes to pursue modeling and one who wants to add more gravitas to her persona will be different. Your doctor must understand what you want most and do justice to it. 

  1. Check the reputation of the hospital

After the surgery, you will have to stay at the hospital for a few days. Ensure that you check the reputation of the hospital with which the plastic surgeon is associated with to make an informed decision. 

  1. The cost

Plastic surgery is costly. There are no two thoughts about that. But few plastic surgeons charge more by adding hidden costs. It would help if you steered clear from these deals.

  1. Personal guidance before and after surgery

Your lifestyle needs to be checked when choosing plastic surgery. Has your plastic surgeon mentioned about lifestyle changes and related guidance so that you heal better? An expert surgeon would do so. 

  1. Ask all your queries

Doesn’t matter whether its your first surgery or a second one; you are bound to have questions. Direct them all to the surgeon and see whether they answer it with patience and clarity or not. If not, you should speak to another plastic surgeon. 

  1. Confidence and conviction matters

You might develop cold feet about the surgery. But it’s your plastic surgeon who needs to infuse confidence in you. Select a plastic surgeon who is convinced about his job and skill. 

  1. A personal interest

Plastic surgeries come out well when a plastic surgeon takes a personal interest in the surgery and ensures that the patient doesn’t have to undergo correction surgery. You need to select a surgeon who is devoted to the job and is keen on how to provide you with the best outcomes. 

These are a few of the guidelines that will ensure you select the correct plastic surgeon for yourself.