5 tips that are going to change the way you play Roulette

Roulette tables are a classic part of casinos. When you think of casinos we have no doubt that you include Roulette wheels in that image. They feature in every movie and TV casino. You always see people on the screen winning round after round. But is that possible in real life?

In this article, we will be looking at whether it is possible to consistently win while playing Roulette. The game is famous for being a game of chance – so is there really a way to prove your chances of winning?

What is Roulette?

Roulette was first invented in 17th century France, and it is one of the oldest European games that is played at casinos today.

In a game of Roulette, a small white ball is placed in the Roulette wheel – it is numbered 0-36 (sometimes 00-36). All the numbers add up to 666. The players are allowed to bet on an individual number, one of the columns, one of the dozens or place an either-or bet (odds or evens, blacks or reds, highs or lows). The wheel is spun and the house pays out any of the winning bets.

The original Roulette wheel was invented by accident, the inventor was trying to create the perpetual motion machine. But when it didn’t work he gave it to his friend who turned it into what we now know as the Roulette wheel.

The house has very high odds in Roulette – over 5.6%. In Blackjack, for example, the house has an edge of 0.5%.

#1 – Avoid wheels with Double 0

If you play roulette online you should try and avoid any wheel that has a double zero slot as well as a zero slot.

Why should you avoid double zero (00) wheels? Well, the house edge is actually twice as high when you play on a double zero table. It is over 5.6% with a double zero wheel but falls closer to 3% on a single zero board.

It is worth bearing in mind that there will be a higher minimum bet on tables that have a single zero so that the house can make its money back.

#2 – Play games that have a surrender option

Another tip we have for winning (and not losing money) when playing Roulette is to only play at tables that have a surrender option. It may also be called La Partage or En Prison. These are most common on European betting sites.

A surrender option means that if the ball lands on zero (0 – white) if you have placed an either-or bet (reds or blacks, highs or lows, odds or even) your bet will be split rather than lost. The house will take half and return the other half to you.

On a single zero wheel, the surrender option drops the house’s edge to around 1.5%. 

#3 – Play within your budget

This is a two-part tip. Part A is to set yourself a budget and Part B is to play within your budget.

When playing Roulette regularly, you should set yourself a monthly budget. This budget should be made up of money that you can afford to lose.

Then you should play within this budget. Don’t overspend. Don’t play too many games. Don’t get tempted to bet too much because everyone else at the table is spending more than you.

This will pay off for you in the long run.

#4 – Don’t play single numbers

One of the reasons why the house wins so often in Roulette is because people fall into the trap of betting on single numbers. If you want to play Roulette for fun then this is a great option – but if you want to win regularly at Roulette, you need to avoid this.

Your best option is to place either-or bets (these have a ½ chance of winning), columns or dozens bets (these have a ⅓ chance of winning) over a single number (which has a 1/38 chance of winning).

If you do bet on a single number – don’t bet on 17. This is the least rolled number on the wheel.

#5 – Avoid betting strategies to chase losses

If you look up how to make money while betting, you will find a load of betting tragedies that promise to stop you from losing money. However, the majority of the strategies should be avoided.

If you follow the tip of Martingale (“to bet double what you lost to make up your money”) after 6 bets you will have to bet $1300+ to make up your losses. The losses add up really quickly, especially in a game whose winning chances are as low as Roulette.