Deer are some of the most beautiful animals in North America. Every day, hunters all over this continent spend hours trying to find ways to attract deer. Deer hunting is a challenging and rewarding sport. By understanding what attracts deer to an area, you are already ahead of the game. Applying the principles we’ve outlined in this post should help you get even closer to bagging your buck this season. Be sure to check out Dinosaurized for all the best gear when it comes time to take down your target deer! The problem is that not every hunter can afford expensive food plots or even time for more than one hunt per day. So, what attracts deer the best without costing too much? Let’s dive into this blog to find out now!

What’s the best thing to attract deer may be the question that many people wonder about. Here we have all the answers you need:

Food Plots

If you are asking yourself about what is the best thing to attract deer, planting a food plot with forage species is a great idea. Deer enjoy the nutritious nuts found in chestnuts and acorns, so make sure to include some in your field!

However, not all plants will work well. Certain high-protein crops, such as peas or soybeans, may repel them instead. When the surrounding vegetation declines on nearby finder sources, deer will come over your yard more than ever before. Just make sure there’s plenty left over for everyone at mealtime!

It can be beneficial to speak with wildlife experts and farmers to learn more about the specific resources available to you. Besides, it is best not to choose food that is common in your area! 

Choose wisely when creating a plot so that it works well where it is most needed, such as during the winter months when no one else grows anything but grasses on their land. 

Deer Scents

Mississippi State University researchers discovered that deer could smell 500 to 1000 times better than humans. They can smell things we don’t, such as a skunk or prey miles away before its human counterpart notices it!

You must have seen a deer who was unaware of your existence. However, with just a slight breeze, it will immediately run away. This is because they have noticed a strange scent from you and sensed an unusual presence without the need to observe.

One of our favorite methods for bringing a buck into range is to combine the deer’s incredible sense of smell with biological phases, wind currents, and strategically placed stands. 

Many products claim to do this, but two popular examples are estrus urine for females and rutting bucks scent. Both of these products will fool males’ noses into thinking there is another competing animal nearby, causing them to seek combat and come right to you!

Salt Blocks

Some hunters will use salt to lure deer into a specific area. Cider and apple blocks can also be effective, but they must be strategically placed near food plots or feeders for the best results!

You could do this by sprinkling some on top of a buried block within three-inch-deep holes, then covering it all up with dirt. In this way, your prey can not detect anything unusual happening beneath their nose too soon!

Keep in mind that the block will require some time before deer notice it. You may need patience and perseverance to wait for them to find your bait eventually, so hang in there!

Sweet-Smelling Apples

Another one in the list of “what food attracts deer the best” is apples.

Deer are naturally drawn to the sweet smells of apples, so plant some in your yard, and you’ll have more deer than ever!

If you want to make it easier on deer, consider planting apples or crab trees in order along the perimeter.

The deer will go wild over this planting! Not only does it provide the perfect cover for their needs, but by autumn, they can enjoy tender leaves and fruit. If you don’t have enough space or the weather isn’t ideal for you to plant an apple tree in the summer, it’s not a bad idea to attract deer with apples instead.


Deer are always on the hunt for food. One way to make sure they find you, though, is by using bait that will stimulate their appetite and get them close enough so you can shoot with precision!

These strong, relentless animals will not be able to resist a corn pile or gravity feeder filled with delicious food!


Just like we humans, deers need a certain amount of essential minerals to remain healthy and prosper. These include calcium for strong bones as well as a high sodium intake. 

However, hunters must exercise caution when using mineral bait stations to attract them because some states define this activity as “baiting” if there is an intention behind incorporating soil into your plan.

Bait is a tempting deer lure, but what if your state prohibits it? There are ways to avoid this and still stay on the right side of the law by using essential minerals following regulations. Mineral sites combined nicely with attractive attractants can make any hunting area truly dynamic!

Other Deer-Friendly Yard Improvements

The last answer to the question “what attracts deer the most?” is tall grass! 

Deer need tall grass to eat and hide in. The taller the grass, the better! That’s why we recommend you let your lawn grow an extra inch or place some plants around its perimeter to create a safe transition zone from the forest into the yard. Deer will appreciate this change in their surroundings and come to your field more frequently.

Fences can be an obstacle to deer who want access into the yard. Therefore, let’s remove any fences that are restricting their movement and create openings for them in order to make things more comfortable!

Always remember to keep the noise down and limit lights that will frighten deer. It would be best that you always keep a safe distance away from them to protect yourself from injury and avoid startling these curious animals!

Final Thoughts

What attracts deer the best? Well, you can apply all of our suggestions above, as they have all been proven to work. Whether it is plots, scents, or any other, find one (or some) that best suits your environment. If you are looking for top-of-the-line gear to take with you on your next hunt, check out Dinosaurized – where hunters become dinosaurs! We hope you were able to find something useful in this article, and we’d love to see if it helped you boost your deer hunting success. Good luck with all your future hunts!