The Ezlogz solution is suitable for all companies that want to manage a car fleet. Control and telematics are the key directions. But using the app, you can minimize costs and monitor the current condition of vehicles remotely. To connect the device, you just need to connect it to an OBD or diagnostic port of the car.

Service price

The brand is popular due to the development of advanced technologies. Connecting driver and manager accounts is enough to work and track the status of each truck in the fleet. Users configure the devices on their own, since they have an opportunity to choose the options required from a long list.

By connecting the technology, it becomes possible to get remote access to the following functions:

  • tracking a current location;
  • calculating the total duration of a working day;
  • refrigerator control;
  • passenger action control;
  • calculating the fuel tax.

Since the service cost is calculated on a personal basis, you will need to determine a few parameters before getting advice. How many cars do you need to connect? What services will you need? To contact the consultant, just dial the company’s phone number.

The key advantages of the technology

The cost of using Ezlogz and other companies’ equipment differs. Make a decision after studying the key differences between the offers. The basic solution offered by Ezlogz includes a wide range of functions, but you won’t have to connect all the functions. There is no need to sign the contract.

Hardware and software provided by the brand are used to activate the services. You can use the necessary equipment after paying for a monthly subscription. This period is enough to study the functions and decide on further use.

To complete the cooperation, you need to cancel the subscription 30 days before the required date. The price includes the use of additional options. Thanks to this, you can evaluate the service quality on your own. 

This is not the whole list of available advantages. Choosing the Ezlogz equipment is beneficial due to the following:

  1. Data collection. Driver and vehicle data are collected automatically and are available remotely. The administrator gets access to the collected data and makes decisions regarding the need for maintenance.
  2. Registration at FMCSA. After completing the verification, it became possible to launch the first device release. The organization confirmed that the software meets the requirements. You have every reason to trust the technology and be sure that it is used safely.
  3. Compliance with the rules. Drivers’ working hours are strictly regulated, so the duration tracking option is important. The driver must specify the start time and the total duration. The device sends notifications about an approaching break or the end of a working day.

The basic service package includes location tracking. To make any changes, you need to read the functions description and connect the corresponding options. The collected data is stored in a cloud storage, so you will need no additional devices.

You will be able to save the budget thanks to quick access to the files, simple HOS management and solving complex situations in time. Remote control makes communication between dispatchers and fleet drivers significantly easier.


Over 2,000 positive reviews speak for choosing Ezlogz. It confirms the high quality of the offered services and allows trust in the application. The device’s reputation is well deserved. It’s easy to check it: just have a look at the rating among drivers and administrators.

The collected information can be accessed from anywhere. It will take a few minutes and a network connection to update. To start the devices, just get a SIM card ready. To access the functions from your mobile phone and company devices, you can register online.

The results are available thanks to automatic synchronization. As soon as the devices join the network, they are reconnected. The logs will be available not only to the driver, but to administrators, managers and dispatchers as well.

Advanced technology will make it possible to perform various tasks without problems. No violations of the rules, constant monitoring of the working hours and other options reduce the risks for a driver and company owners. Alerts, which can be enabled when using the basic solution, ensure the safety of all road traffic participants.