Keeping the car mats is as necessary as maintaining the exterior of the surface of the car. The car mats can accumulate dust and dirt particles and are necessary to clean or wash them according to the instruction’s manual. No matter how careful one keeps it clean, it always gets dirty. With a set of wet wipes or napkins, one can clean the dirt but it takes a lot more effort to give that new look to the car. One can purchase cars from carmonkey and purchase suitable car floor mats from anywhere. 

A car mat must be placed back properly after every wash. A car floor mat accumulates dirt from the surfaces of the shoes when we step on them. Other messes on the floor mats also include food, drinks, loose parts from pockets, bags and boxes. There are two types available in floor mats: rubber and cloth. Both the rubber and the cloth floor mats leave a residue. One should give a complete makeover to the car by cleaning their car floor mats too. 

Cleaning rubber car floor mats:

The rubber car floor mats are generally used in the winters when it usually snows and rains a lot. These mats prevent building the moisture from destroying the objects of the car interiors and it can dry quickly, during such seasons. They sometimes collect dust particles on the floor mats. One can find cars from carmonkey with rubber car floor mats. The steps for cleaning the rubber car floor mats are:

  • One must always remove the floor mats from the car while they are cleaning them. Cleaning the floor mats can involve water and one does not want to destroy anything inside of the car.
  • After removing the floor mats from the car, the next step is to hit the floor mats to the ground or any of the hard surfaces. If there are any materials or dust particles that are sticking to the mat, one can use a scraper to remove them off permanently. 
  • After one is done with removing the particles from the floor mat by dusting it they should now use a pressurized hose pipe to remove loose dirt or crumbs. One must always wash the dirty part of the mat and not on the other side that would be touching the floor of the car.
  • One should then use a spray to pour soap on the car floor mat. The grimes present on the mat is easily washed away with soap and water. One can also use wipes with hand sanitiser and baking with soap mixtures will also allow the grime to be removed completely. After applying the soap to the floor mat, one can rub it with a brush in circular motions to remove if any more dirt is present in them. 
  • After rubbing the floor mats properly, use a pressurized water hose pipe to rinse the mats completely. One must rinse it off till the soap has completely vanished and no dust particles are present. 
  • By rinsing the mats with water, the last step is to dry the mats before placing them inside the car. One can use different ways to hang these mats like on the railing, wire or hangers for letting them dry. 

Cleaning cloth car floor mats:

Cleaning cloth car floor mats take extra effort when compared to the rubber ones. If the cloth mats have been wet for a long time and if you never got the chance to dry them, one can notice a smell from the mats. The steps for cleaning cloth car floor mats are:

  • The first step is to remove the mats from the car and cleaning can involve water and one does not want their interiors to be spoiled. After removing them, one should vacuum on both sides of the mat to suck all the dirt and grime.
  • Rub the mat with baking soda to remove any grimes present. One can mix baking soda with water and then scrub it with a brush to give a more effective way of cleaning the car mats.
  • Then mix washing powder with the same amount of normal shampoo. Use a brush with hard or sharp bristles and then scrub it on the mat. Rinse the product from the mats thoroughly. Another way is to place the car floor mats in the washing machine with the required detergent and also put a stain remover to remove all the dirt and stains. 
  • The next step is to vacuum the mats again to such up the water and any other particles present. A vacuum cleaner will help suck all the moisture from the mats. One can also use a vacuum hose with attachments. 
  • The final step in the cleaning of the cloth car floor mats is drying the mats completely. Hang the mats in the sunlight or put them in the dryer. One must avoid putting the mats inside the car if they are wet, as it can create a smell that is not good.