Contacting an attorney after an accident caused by someone else’s neglect is never a bad idea. A slip and fall lawyer in Houston, TX, will be able to evaluate your case, explain your options, and help you recover compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain, and other damages. In addition, most slip and fall attorneys will offer a free consultation, so you will not have to pay for the initial visit to determine whether or not you have a viable claim.

When Should You Contact a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Houston, TX?

The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in Texas is typically two years, so you should contact a Houston slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. If an injury is discovered after the fact, the statute of limitations can be extended to two years after injury identification. However, laws dealing with these cases are complex. Your best chance is to consult a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to see how they apply to you.

What Do You Do After a Fall?

Your first step after a slip and fall accident is to seek medical attention. Your medical professional will diagnose and treat any of your injuries. The paperwork created by your hospital visit also creates essential documentation of your slip and fall injury. It’s critical that you follow the treatment plans set out by your health care providers, which also provides evidence that can be used in your personal injury claim.

Gather Evidence

The second thing you need to do after the incident is to gather evidence. You can collect evidence to back up your claim in several ways.

  • Seek medical attention
  • Take photos of everything
  • Video the area if applicable
  • Report the accident
  • Keep any evidence you possess
  • Get contact information from witnesses
  • Write everything down

Take Photos of Everything

The first step was seeking medical attention and creating a paperwork trail. Next, you need to ensure that you take photos of everything. This creates photographic evidence that your attorney can use. Take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and evidence of the hazardous conditions.

Video the Area

Photos are fantastic evidence in a slip and fall claim. However, sometimes you need to take it a step further and video the area. Some conditions will not show up well in photos but will in a video clip. One example may be a wet floor or an area too large to be photographed well. Also, make sure that you document in a photo or video whether there was a warning sign posted.

Report the Accident

Report the accident to the property owner or the management on site. This creates yet another important piece of documentation of the accident. The property owner/manager will document the incident for their records.

Keep Any Evidence You Possess

If you have evidence, keep it. This can include the clothing and shoes you wore at the time of the incident. Don’t wash them. The clothing and shoes you were wearing may have dirt, blood, or rips that can prove the seriousness of the accident.

Gather Witness Information

If there are any witnesses to your fall, collect their contact information. Witnesses can corroborate your story and make your claim stronger. Collect their names and contact information so that they can provide statements for the claim.

Write It Down

Write down everything you can remember leading up to, during, and after the event. Remember, documentation and evidence will only help your claim. You can never have too much documentation of your accident; you can have too little.

In addition to writing everything down, keep everything. Keep your medical bills and receipts. Keep your proof of lost wages. Keep anything that is evidence of accident-related expenses.

Don’t Be Caught Unaware

It may be tempting to talk about the incident on social media but don’t. It’s better for you and the success of your claim if you do not spread details of your accident or injuries unless you have spoken to your attorney and gotten their approval.

You should also be careful never to admit fault or speak to insurance company representatives without your lawyer. Additionally, do not sign anything or accept a settlement offer without consulting with a slip and fall accident attorney. Your slip and fall lawyer in Houston, TX, has your best interest at heart and will work hard to ensure you don’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

The sooner you contact a slip-and-fall lawyer after an incident, the better. Slip and fall claims are best handled by those with the knowledge and experience needed, such as a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Your attorney will give you an honest, objective assessment of your case. They will remain caring throughout the process and work hard to ensure you recover the maximum compensation you deserve.