Welcome to Western Australia, a land of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich indigenous history.

The road trip from Perth to Broome is special for a variety of reasons. One of the main attractions is the diverse range of landscapes that you will encounter on the journey. From the vibrant city of Perth, to the unique Pinnacles Desert, to the rugged beauty of Karijini National Park, the trip offers a visual feast for nature lovers.

One of the highlights of the journey is the chance to spot some of Western Australia’s unique wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos, emus, and rock wallabies as you travel through the Outback. You may also be lucky enough to spot some of the region’s more elusive creatures, such as the bilby.

As you travel further north, you’ll also have the opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of the region’s indigenous people. From the rock art and ancient shelters of the Pilbara, to the sacred sites and ceremonies of the Kimberley, there is much to discover and learn about the people who have called this land home for thousands of years.

A Perth road trip is best undertaken in a campervan, which allows you the maximum freedom to stop and go as you wish. You may find that you get a better deal in the reverse direction, which is generally prior to the wet season commencing, between November to April, when vehicles need to be relocated south for the summer.

Campervan hire from Perth or Broome is possible, and it pays to organise your rental prior to committing to flights, so as to ensure the best deal possible! Now that you have your transport organised, here is a guide to your Perth to Broome campervan road trip.


Your journey begins in Perth, a vibrant and unique city located on the west coast of Australia. Known for its beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, and relaxed atmosphere, Perth is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

One of the things that makes Perth so unique, is its proximity to the ocean. With miles of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Perth is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, and all types of water sports.

Another thing that makes Perth special is its vibrant food and drink scene. From delicious seafood and local wines to craft beers and coffee, Perth offers a wide variety of delicious options for foodies. Be sure to check out some of the city’s top restaurants and bars to experience the best of Perth’s culinary scene.

Some must-see sights include Kings Park, a beautiful botanical garden overlooking the city; the Perth Cultural Centre, which is home to a variety of museums, galleries, and theatres; and the Perth Mint, where you can see gold being poured and minted.

Perth also offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking. Take a short trip out of the city to the nearby hills and valleys for a chance to explore some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region.

If you’re a history buff, head to the Western Australian Museum to learn about the state’s Indigenous and colonial history. And if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, take a tour of Rottnest Island, where you can snorkel, dive, and even swim with the famous smiling quokkas.

The Pinnacles

As you make your way north from Perth, your first stop should be the Pinnacles Desert, a unique landscape of limestone pillars that rise out of the yellow sand dunes. The Pinnacles are a natural wonder that will leave you in awe. Take a guided tour through the desert and learn about the history and geology of the area.

You can also take a leisurely walk through the desert and spot the local wildlife, such as the black-footed rock-wallabies and the wedge-tailed eagles. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the rare malleefowl, a ground-dwelling bird that is native to the area.

Coral Bay

Next stop on your journey is Coral Bay, a small coastal town that is known for its crystal-clear waters and colourful coral reefs. This is an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving, as the waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, including tropical fish, sea turtles, and even sharks.

Take a boat tour to one of the nearby islands and spend the day swimming, snorkelling and exploring. And if you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, simply spend the day on one of the many beaches and soak up the sun.

Karijini National Park

As you continue your journey north, you’ll come across the Karijini National Park, a stunning landscape of rugged gorges, waterfalls, and natural pools. As you journey through this rugged and remote wilderness, you’ll be transported to another world of deep gorges, towering cliffs, and sparkling waterfalls.The park is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including red kangaroos, rock wallabies, and the rare black-footed rock-wallaby.

As you make your way through the park, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the most dramatic landscapes in Australia. The park’s deep gorges, carved out over millions of years by the flow of water, offer a truly unique and otherworldly experience. Imagine standing at the bottom of a sheer-sided gorge, looking up at towering cliffs that stretch high into the sky. The colours of the rock change as the sun moves across the sky and the light shifts, making it an ever-changing and mesmerizing experience.

Karijini also offers a wide range of outdoor activities for the adventurous traveller. Take a dip in one of the many crystal-clear pools, go for a hike along one of the park’s many trails, or even try your hand at rock climbing. With so many options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

But Karijini isn’t just about the natural beauty and adventure – it’s also steeped in rich cultural history. As you explore the park, you’ll discover Indigenous rock art and artifacts dating back thousands of years, offering a glimpse into the lives of the traditional custodians of this land.


Finally, you’ll arrive in Broome, a tropical paradise that is known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and unique culture. Take a stroll along the famous Cable Beach, where you can watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Broome is also known for its rich Indigenous history, and you can learn more about it at the Broome Historical Museum. And if you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, take a camel ride along the beach or a scenic flight over the Buccaneer Archipelago. In conclusion, this road trip from Perth to Broome is a journey that will take you through some of Western Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes, so if nothing else… be sure to pack the camera!