For women, divorce can be a minefield. You don’t only have to make sure your property is divided up fairly, but you also have to fight for custody of your children and come up with a fair spousal support agreement. In Westerville, OH, you can hire a divorce lawyer for women who will help you with all of these issues and show you how to best fight for your rights.

How Will a Divorce Lawyer for Women Handle Your Case Differently?

Studies have shown that women communicate differently from men. They generally favor a “rapport” style, which has the goal of building a relationship, while men often focus on a “report” style that emphasizes facts and figures. To get the best outcome possible, you’ll need to hire a divorce lawyer who understands the unique issues you’re facing and who is willing to consider your individual situation.

Focus on Custody Issues 

For many women, custody is one of the most important components of their divorce. Around 80% of women get custody compared to 20% of men. However, courts aim to be as fair and unbiased as possible, and this balance has been tipping of late, so you won’t be at an advantage simply because you are the mother. Instead, you’ll have to prove that you are better suited to taking care of your children than your former spouse.

Your lawyer might start by discussing your family situation and determining the ideal outcome. Having the father involved is almost always preferable since it could lower the children’s risk of dropping out of school, engaging in criminal activities, and even homelessness. However, you should let your lawyer know if you believe your children would be unsafe at your ex’s home. In that case, you could file for sole custody or ask for supervision during the father’s visits.

Discuss a Fair Division of Property

Another major issue women face is the fair division of property. If you have a primary residence, you might want to keep living there with your children, and your lawyer will help you work out whether this is possible. What’s more, you’ll have to split all your other assets, which could include pensions, savings, vehicles, valuable goods, and property investments.

The court always aims to find an equitable solution, but a 50-50 split might not be the best outcome for the family. Sometimes, innovative solutions have to be found, especially if some of the assets have sentimental value. Your lawyer can negotiate with the other party to make sure you get to keep the property that is the most important to you.

Prioritize Spousal Support  

If you’ve spent some years taking care of the household or your children, you might not have the same income as your spouse. In this case, you are entitled to spousal support, also called alimony. Additionally, custodial parents are usually paid child support by the non-custodial parent. These payments are legally mandated, which means that your spouse risks breaking the law if they don’t pay you.

Experienced Westerville divorce lawyers for women can analyze your situation and let you know how much alimony you can expect. Some of the criteria might include how much each person earned, your reasonable expenses, your earning capacity, your noneconomic contributions to the marriage, the length of the marriage, and each person’s age and health.

Observe the Local Westerville, OH Rules and Regulations

There are federal laws related to divorce, but many of the regulations are local. An experienced women’s divorce attorney will be able to help you navigate the complex Ohio divorce laws. They will speak to you about the types of property there are, and they can help you determine which assets are marital and have to be shared with your spouse and which ones are separate and can be kept private.

What’s more, they will go over all the rules related to child custody and spousal support. When you hire an experienced lawyer, you’ll know that all laws have been considered and that you’re not missing something important.

Provide Another Perspective  

In the middle of a divorce, it’s hard to think clearly. You might feel angry, worried, and frustrated, especially when you have to consult with the other party face to face. As a result, you run the risk of doing or saying something you might regret later on.

Having an independent person who understands your situation there to help you can be invaluable. Your attorney will discuss the best communication strategies with you and help you to avoid making mistakes that could have a negative impact on your situation.

Hiring a good divorce lawyer for women can help you to get the best outcome possible. With your attorney, you’ll be able to discuss the most suitable custody arrangement, a fair division of property, and the kinds of spousal support you are entitled to. Your lawyer can provide an outside perspective on your situation, and they will help you to observe all the local and national laws.