In the past, people only used wooden spoons to blend their food. This traditional method wasn’t only stressful. In addition, it was also not effective in blending foods the right way. Today, all thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have many different types of chef’s blenders. Your ability to choose the right product for your home or industrial needs depends, to a large extent, on the type of food/juice you’re looking to prepare. Other factors that matter when shopping for a suitable blender are the device’s features and functionalities.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover the different types of blenders (juicers) for your home or industrial needs. You’ll also find reasons why shopping with Vitamer USA for the best smoothie blender is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

Here are the 3 best smoothie blenders

As earlier mentioned, there are different types of blenders out there. The most popular ones are electric hand mixers, commercial blenders, countertop blenders, portable blenders (juicers), immersion & stick blenders, and single-serve products. But here’s a quick question; which of these blenders are perfect for making smoothies?

To start with, smoothies are thick and creamy beverages. You can prepare them by puréeing various ingredients (fruits, vegetables, yogurt, seeds, and many more) in a blender.

Not all blenders are designed for smoothies. That said, for you to make these beverages, you need to opt for the best smoothie blender.

1.   Commercial blenders

Commercial (heavy-duty) blenders are one of the best when it comes to selecting a suitable blender for smoothies. These devices are very powerful. You can use them for your more robust ingredients.

Are you looking to make smoothies with various ingredients? Although there are a few other smoothie blenders out there, none of them come close to commercial products. Heavy-duty blenders are very expensive but you can always rely on them for the best results.

2.   Countertop blenders

Apart from heavy-duty blenders, countertops are also great for making smoothies. One highlighting feature of this smoothie blender is that it has variable speed. This allows you to achieve a smooth blending of your ingredients.

Countertop blenders are perfect for blending ice with smoothies. However, to get the best out of this blender type, it’s best you only use it with room temperature or cold ingredients. Steams from hot ingredients can always damage this product.

3.   Portable juicers

Portable electric fruit juicers are also perfect for making smoothies. These devices are the latest trend in the market today. They are lightweight, portable, and come with a clear glass tube.

Portable juicers are perfect if you like traveling a lot. You can always use them in your car to prepare fresh smoothies. As a nursing parent, you can use this product on the go to prepare your baby’s food. As a gym enthusiast, you can always use this product after your gym exercise to make fresh smoothies.

Where to find the best smoothie blenders?

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