Trying to fit back into your regular life after returning from rehab is not easy. You have previous habits that may still be a hurdle. But many people choose to start right away without going through a full recovery. However, that does not work in every case, and problems stack up. You have to change your lifestyle to prevent yourself from relapsing. Thus, your efforts, time, and resources will go to waste. As a result, you can lose your relationships, family, and job.

So, prioritize your recovery and include the following changes in your lifestyle to make the post-rehab period more productive.

  1. Become more physically active

After rehab, mood swings will be common, alongside stress, anxiety, and low energy levels. In such a case, physical activity is essential because it helps you in many ways and provides you with undeniable benefits.

Physical activity helps you reduce, control, and manage stress. Healthy exertion can also help you improve the quality and quantity of your sleep. You can counter mood swings, lethargy, and bolster your immune system to help you manage withdrawal symptoms. This will help you reduce the chances of relapse.

So, you can join a gym, go on a long walk, do a workout at home, or play sports to remain energized. You can ask your rehab counselors or visit online resources such as to develop a sustainable fitness regime for yourself.

  1. Practice relaxation

When you give your body ample amounts of rest, your mind and body recover during that time. Relaxation removes stress from your body and mind while giving a chance to other processes in your system to complete their course. For example, your body regenerates new cells and repairs damaged cells while strengthening your internal organ systems when you relax. Also, your mind creates new connections and repair the damaged ones. Relaxing is also an excellent way to help detox your body from any remaining remnants of substances you’ve been addicted to.

Thus, the best thing to do is to relax after doing some exercise. You can watch movies while eating healthy snacks or read an interesting book on your favorite topic. Also, you can play games to relax. Relaxing will help you muster the strength for a new and changed life.

  1. Sleep deep and enough

Insufficient sleep plays its part in shattering your self-control. Au contraire, sufficient sleep helps you heal faster and develop a strong will against emotional triggers that compel you to use your substances again.

So, have proper and deep sleep of at least 8 hours at night. You may have difficulty falling asleep, but solutions are available. For instance, you can drink chamomile tea before going to bed. Or you can use soft music to relax your nerves and fall into sleep. Put your phone on DND, if nothing else.

  1. Focus on your diet

Addiction causes damage to your body and mind that needs to heal for complete recovery. And your body needs fuel to recover, repair, and heal. For that, a healthy diet is essential. So, you can do the following.

  • Consume foods that are rich in B vitamins
  • Learn to cook healthy recipes that are not too difficult to prepare
  • Buy nutritious snacks
  • Cut out fast food
  • Stay away from soda, sugary drinks, and energy drinks
  • Be mindful while eating
  • Never skip a meal and eat snacks between the meal
  • Include protein, starch, and healthy fats in every meal
  • Consume milk at least one time a day
  1. Explore new interests

Not having a substitute for a bad habit can make you relapse. You have to find an alternative to fill up all the time you previously spent smoking, drinking, or doping. Otherwise, you’ll want to consume your poison again because of boredom. So, why not spend this time finding and exploring new things and experiences?

For that, you have plenty of options, such as visiting new places in your city, going to a community center, volunteering for an organization, taking up a class, and many more. When you explore new things, your mind will become occupied with them. As a result, you’ll never think about going back to your past life.

  1. Become spiritual

Becoming spiritual is one remedy to counter such situations. You’ll regain control over yourself, and it’ll fill the void in your soul. If you believe in a higher power, submit yourself to it. And if you are not into religious beliefs, you can try meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices instead.


Post-rehab is not an easy period. Therefore, you’ll need to change your habits to make a full recovery. So, include the tips mentioned above in your daily routine and discipline yourself. You’ll recover and lead a healthy and normal life. Remember, going through a full recovery process is necessary to avoid relapses. So, do it.