Attention all the wine lovers! Now you won’t have to hide your elegant wine bottles in the lower cabinets because we have an article on the most demanded Wine Rack Design Ideas for Your home. These unique kitchen storage ideas give the space an elegant look by styling it with modern shaped wine racks. In the same way you can use clothes rack to organize your wardrobe. These wine racks ideas for a small-sized kitchen allow you to store your favourite and branded bottles in a dignified rack. There are bungalows for sale in Mumbai that have such wine racks built in. Let us know about the kitchen wine rack ideas in detail that we have listed down for you.

  1. Cyan Design Brighton Wine Rack

This is a wine rack made of leather and metal. It adds on some edge to your kitchen and can hold a total of 4 bottles together. This will help you rotate between the red and white ones. There is also an 8 bottle rack available in this style.

  1. The Wall Mounted Wine Rack

This is an Art Deco-Inspired wine rack. It is a great product for apartments or houses that are small in size. The rack has gold finish hardware so it can go with the decor of your house easily. The rack can carry a total of 6 wine bottles. These kitchen wine rack ideas should totally be implemented. You can implement this is you are looking for a Small Kitchen Wine Rack Idea.

  1. Wood A-Frame 6-Bottle Wine Rack

This wooden frame has a rustic look and is in the shape of the letter A. 6 bottles are held in this rack. This is made of wood and adds an organic element to your collection of kitchens. The design of the rack is minimalistic which gives a sleek and unobtrusive look.

  1. Boggs 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Bottle Rack

This rack looks very similar to the design of a crate. But there is an industrial twist to it. The look that this Rack gives to your kitchen is Urbanic and an impossible-to-miss one. This is one of the modern kitchen wine rack ideas.

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These are some racks that we have mentioned which you can buy online. But there are some kitchens in which there is not enough space to keep a rack. So in that case, an empty space is converted to make a wine rack. Here are some ideas for that too.

  1. You can make use of the space on an Empty wall and convert that into a rack.
  2. You can also try a Sleek Countertop Caddy.
  3. You can go vertical and make a stylish rack on a wall.
  4. You can convert an empty drawer into a modern wine rack.