If you are confused about the family protection endorsement in Alberta, you are not the only person. Most of the time, people get confused while dealing with family protection coverage.

This writing will give you a very brief idea about family protection endorsement.

What does family protection coverage mean?

In auto insurance, family protection coverage is often considered optional liability coverage. Usually, this type of coverage provides an additional third-party liability to the victim.

Sometimes it also provides some coverage to the family member of the injured person. In Alberta and Atlantic Canada, family protection endorsement is also known as SEF44.

Family protection coverage is very beneficial for Canadian drivers for various reasons. Most people prefer this as additional insurance coverage.

How does family protection coverage work?

Generally, when you involve in an auto accident, the family protection coverage will provide some financial assistance.

Like other insurance converges, to avail of family protection coverage, one needs to be aware of some coverage conditions and policies.

Let’s say you are injured in a car accident where the other driver is at fault. If the injuries are major, that will cost you medical bills and some lost income.

Under this circumstance, if the other driver has enough liability coverage, you may get some compensation from that coverage.

But what if the other driver doesn’t have enough liability coverage? In that case, the family protection coverage will try to provide for the medical bills and lost income.

How can the family protection coverage protect you?

Usually, people get confused about enough liability coverage. So, let us suppose that the driver has $100,000 liability coverage. If something bad happens, you will get a maximum $100,000 amount of coverage for medical or other expenses.

But if you have family protection coverage, you can increase the limit. For example, if you get $2 million of coverage, you will get up to $2 million of coverage. In that case, you do not have to worry about the driver’s limit of liability.

How much limit of liability should you have?

The general rule of thumb is that the more limit is always, the better. But sometimes, your province has some minimum requirements for the liability amount. So you need to have that bare minimum liability amount. Usually, $1 million is the bare minimum amount that most people need.

But this amount can defer depending on which province you are living in. In Alberta and Ontario, the bare minimum amount for liability is $2 million. So, you can keep the liability limit from $1 to $2 million, depending on your province.

Will family protection increase your premium?

Several factors will increase your premium amount, such as your car model, driving records, coverage, geographical location, etc. And often, family protection coverage can also be a minor factor in increasing your premium.

Usually, the family protection endorsement will increase your premium by a few dollars. Even though it is not a lot, it will make sure some extra safety and peace of mind. That is why, regardless of increasing the premium, you should go for family protection coverage.

It is necessary to learn more about it before dealing with it. You can seek help from a professional lawyer to know more about it. Hence, never hesitate to reach out to experts and advisors to guide or assist you.


Even though family protection coverage is considered optional, you should have this because there are several benefits and advantages.

In most cases, you are unsure what the other drivers will do with their insurance coverage. That is why you may need to have this optional insurance coverage. Hopefully, this writing helped you get a basic idea of family protection endorsement in Alberta.