It can be challenging to find a home of your choice for rent. However, the team of qualified estate agents in St. Neots can make this process relatively easier for you. 

Now, let us understand what renting a home in St. Neots looks like. 

Why You Should Rent A Home In St. Neots?

Lying in Cambridgeshire, England, St. Neots has a picturesque setting, modern facilities, and rich historical tradition. 

Some of the reasons why renting a home in the location is a great thing to do are as follows:

  • Its historical origin dates back to the Roman period. This is why you can spot a plethora of sites brimming with the rich history of the town. These places include the Old Town Hall and the Priory Church of St. Mary.
  • The natural beauty of the beautiful countryside is a sight worth beholding. It allows you to enjoy different outdoor activities like fishing, cycling, and walking. 
  • Since it has links to some of the major cities like London, commuting to and fro is convenient. St. Neots has a train station offering regular services to Cambridge and London’s King Cross. 
  • It offers several modern amenities like a bowling alley and a leisure centre. Moreover, St. Neots provides good-quality education.
  • Its lively sense of communal harmony gives rise to several volunteer groups and charitable organisations. What’s more? St. Neots hosts beautiful events like the River Festival and others throughout the year.

Costs Of Rent- Cracking Deals And Price Negotiations

Once you choose a home to rent, you will have to pay some amount in advance. To avoid unexpected expenses at the last moment, you should be aware of all the necessary payments. Having a receipt of your payment is of paramount significance. 

Let us consider the example below.

Jai is renting a one-bedroom home through the services of an estate agent. His rent is to be 120-pound sterling a week. 

Apart from the tenancy deposit of 600-pound sterling, he will have to pay the rent of four weeks in advance, that is, 480-pound sterling. Furthermore, Jai has to pay a holding deposit of 120-pound sterling (it will go into the tenancy deposit or advance rent). 

The total sum that Jai must pay amounts to 1,200-pound sterling in this case. 

Negotiating with the estate agent or the landlord is profitable in terms of saving money. Not only can you negotiate for affordable rent but also the tenancy duration and associated factors. 

Even though you negotiate, be careful not to bargain in such a way that they offer the property to someone else. In this case, having a plan beforehand will help you to secure the chances of acquiring what you require. It may so happen that they offer you a fixed-term rent for six months. Here, you can negotiate for a longer time. 

It is crucial to put everything on paper and agreed to by both parties to avoid confusion afterwards. 

Steps To Rent A Home In St. Neots

Start Searching

You should be ready to look for your home all over the web, over the phone, and in person. 

Make Reservations

After choosing the home you want to rent, the next step is to get into a discussion with the Landlord. This discussion will cover the terms and agreement of tenancy. 

A reference check for reserving the property is crucial. For references, you will have to submit a holding deposit to ensure the reservation of the property. 

Sign Agreements

While signing the tenancy agreement, you must ensure that the deposit is for a maximum of five or six weeks’ rent.

Renew Agreements

Usually, the length of tenancy varies from six to twelve months. Suppose you desire more security, you have to check with the landlord if they are ready for a longer fixed period. 

Often, they offer weekly or monthly assured shorthold tenancy that does not apply to any fixed period. Nevertheless, the landlord is bound to let you stay for at least six months. 

The government has posed rules for landlords and they are supposed to ascertain whether you have the right to rent in the United Kingdom. Once you pass all the verification procedures, you are all set to move! 

Final Words

You can either rent a property from the landlord or through a letting agent. However, under no circumstances should you make payments unless you have seen the property.