If you’re the owner or manager of a business, it’s important to remember that your employees are part of a team. These people work hard, but they also need to have fun together.

Group activities are an excellent way to help build bonds between coworkers, providing an opportunity for employees to bond and get comfortable with one another in a fun environment. Company outings can be especially helpful for office teams who don’t usually interact outside of the office setting—these types of outings allow them to loosen up and connect with their fellow workers on a more personal level. Let’s take a look at some group activity ideas that will make any company outing memorable:

Hire Team Building Specialists

Hiring a team-building specialist is the ideal way to ensure your company outing is successful. Why? Because they have the resources and experience needed to help you organize team building activities that will give your employees the bonding experiences they need to thrive in their careers.

What makes them so special? Well, for one thing, these experts know how to get people from different backgrounds to work together positively. They’ll also be able to make sure everyone feels comfortable while having fun no one likes being left out.

It’s easy enough to find someone who can come up with some good ideas, but only those who specialize in helping companies plan events like this will be able to create an effective program that gets results. For example: if someone just makes some suggestions and then leaves it up to you guys then there may not be enough time spent on planning out things beforehand (and also maybe even less fun).

Party in Holiday Homes

Holiday homes are a nice change of pace. There are many holiday homes for rent like this holiday homes to rent in Port Douglas. They can be rented out for events, and they offer plenty of opportunities for team-building activities. Get away from it all by enjoying the great outdoors together with your colleagues.

Even if you do not have enough space or money to rent out an entire holiday home for your company outing, you can still find ways to make use of this unique location. For example, you could organize a competition between small teams in which each group has to imagine that their large house is smaller than it actually is (and then use only as many resources as they would have available). This will give them an idea of how limited their resources would be if they were living in a small apartment or house instead of a sprawling estate.

Go-Wine Tasting & Tour

You can set up a wine tour at local places like this one Marlborough vineyards for your company outing. Wine tasting is a great group activity for a company outing. It can be done in a group, or as a couple. You can learn about different wines and regions, and even the history of wine. There’s also something really fun about being in an environment where everyone is relaxed and having fun together, so this type of activity will help you bond with your co-workers or friends.

Go for a Hike

Hiking is one of the best ways to bond with your team. Whether you go alone or in a group, hiking is a great way to get out of the office and experience nature. Hiking can also be done in a variety of locations and different weather conditions.

Test your skills on an obstacle course.

  • Make sure you have enough space to set up your obstacle course. If the space is tight, you can make your own with a few items from around the office. For example, set up a ladder and create obstacles by placing small boxes on top of one rung—this will force employees to climb over each other as they progress through the ladder.
  • Create teams of two or three people each and give them colored shirts to wear so everyone knows who’s on their team.
  • Start by explaining what kind of obstacle course you’re going to do: are there multiple paths? Do you have more than one person going through it at once? Are there rules about how fast the team needs to complete it? Are there different levels based on experience level (i.e., beginners versus experts)?
  • Lead all staff through the course together at once so that everyone gets a chance at competing against each other for bragging rights!

Do a team-building exercise

Team-building exercises are a great way to get to know each other, and they can be fun too! Here are some examples of what you might consider doing:

  • A scavenger hunt where everyone has to work together to find items that fit with their personality (we recommend using our Scavenger Hunt Generator)
  • A trust fall game where each member falls backward into the arms of another teammate who is standing behind them (no falling allowed!)
  • Have everyone do a puzzle together and see which group completes it first (or at all)

Play water games

Water games are a fun way to cool off and get people working together. Whether you’re in your backyard or on vacation, water games are a great way to get everyone involved in an activity that will make them laugh (and maybe even work up a sweat).

  • Water balloon toss: This is one of the best ways to play with water balloons when you don’t have access to a pool or lake. Place a bunch of small cups in the grass and fill each cup with 1/4 cup of water. Blindfold players and have them throw water balloons into the cups from 10 feet away or farther depending on their skill level!
  • Water balloon relay race: For this game, divide your group into two teams and line up all participants down one side of the open space (around 20 feet long works well). Take turns filling each participant’s hands with water balloons until they hold as many as they can comfortably handle while still being able to run quickly enough across the finish line without dropping any along the way!

Do something as simple as having lunch or dinner together.

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s also an easy thing to overlook. Most people love food, which makes this activity a great way to bring your team together. Just remember that the goal is not just bonding time; it’s also about making sure everyone gets something out of their experience as well. If you have a team with dietary restrictions or food allergies, take care to plan meals that accommodate everyone’s needs and preferences without going over budget or sacrificing quality for quantity. Remember: You want this activity to be fun for everyone!

Play games that create bonds, such as improv or charades.

Company outings often have a team-building component, and it’s better if the games are fun and create an environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.

An improv game is a great way to get everyone involved in a group activity. Even if you’re not familiar with the rules, it’s easy enough for anyone to join in and make up their lines on the fly. Improv games can be played by individuals or teams, depending on how big your group is—or if you want to break off into smaller groups for some extra bonding time!

If there are people who are uncomfortable being on stage at first, charades might be a better choice than improv games. With charade games, players need only act out words they’re given without speaking them aloud (or making any noise). This makes charades ideal for larger groups where participants may feel shy about taking center stage right away! Charades serve as an icebreaker too: once players start guessing which words their teammates are acting out onstage together, they’ll start getting creative ideas about how they can bond while playing this entertaining game together later down the line.


Hope these group activity ideas for a company outing have helped you plan your next corporate event. If you’re still stumped, check out our guide to planning events and look at our list of team-building exercises. Finally, keep in mind that there are many different types of team-building activities available today from extreme sports like white water rafting to more low-key activities like biking or hiking with friends. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s something everyone can enjoy.