InnerSloth, the developer behind the most popular social deduction game In Our Midst, announced the most recent update, In Our Midst Quick Chat Only. The chat function hanging around will make gaming simpler for players.

However, players below 13 years aren’t qualified to gain access to the game’s quick chat wheel. The fast chat wheel hanging around promises to heighten the messaging experience with players across all platforms.

Players within the U . s . States and also the Uk happen to be being able to access the part experiencing the game’s quick chat function.

What’s In Our Midst Quick Chat Only?

If you’re a passionate gamer, you most likely be aware of innovative chat function across all platforms. The fast chat feature is lately put into the In Our Midst platform, and also the developer InnerSloth has confirmed it on the internet.

It’s the online feature which makes message exchanging simpler while playing the sport around the platform. It enables players to receive and send pre-defined messages. The fast chat wheel is demonstrated quite helpful for that players because it makes communication simpler among the members.

Because it enables delivering pre-defined messages, players do not have to type messages by hand. The messaging options in In Our Midst Quick Chat Only wheel varies from locations, questions, accusations, yet others.

However, players below age 13 years aren’t allowed to gain access to the fast chat wheel. So, only qualified adults have access to the part and revel in exchanging texts.

How you can Connect to the In Our Midst Quick Chat Feature?

The In Our Midst Quick Chat function must be switched on before beginning the sport around the platform. Players need to consume a couple of easy steps to activate the chat wheel hanging around.

•           Go towards the game menu and then click the “Settings.”

•           Go towards the “Data” option and choose “Chat Type.”

•           You have to choose from In Our Midst Quick Chat Only or even the Free Chat option.

•           You have to let the “Quick Chat Only” option and mention how old you are limit and revel in communicating with others.

How you can Disable the In Our Midst Quick Chat Function?

The fast chat function is advantageous, however, many players don’t prefer utilizing it while gaming. So, they are able to power it down using the following steps.

•           Go towards the game menu.

•           Click on settings

•           Under the “Data” option, select “Chat Type.”

•           Toggle to Free option if it’s enabled and also the chat option will get switched off


In Our Midst Quick Chat Only function makes messaging simpler for online gamers. The developers have confirmed the quick chat wheel makes messaging simpler, safer, and faster, and players can certainly exchange messages while using pre-defined texts.

The developers also have confirmed more information and pre-defined texts are coming within the next update, and players might have more messages to transmit between your crew people.

The fast chat wheel isn’t just restricted to PC gamers because it is available too for those platforms, and today players may use it, whatever the gaming system they’re using to experience In Our Midst.

Would you take part in the game and employ the fast chat wheel? Please share your experience of the comment section.